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  1. AndrewVolpe

    95naSTA's Bonneville Progression

    u got a 6 speed? holy shit. any expectations on how fast this thing is supposed to be??
  2. AndrewVolpe

    Northeast meet? (July-August)

    sooo looks like we not doing this then? lol
  3. AndrewVolpe

    Northeast meet? (July-August)

    yea it even has a mobile one sticker on the oil cap under the hood. my family uses mobile 1 anyway. but its been taken care of pretty well. it has 32k miles on it and was really cheap cus it had hail damage (so it has little dents on it but who cares right? its a cts) so we call it dimples lol
  4. AndrewVolpe

    Northeast meet? (July-August)

    lol yea well im sad to say that i got another car and its not a pontiac. i got a 2004 black caddy cts 3.6L i bought it from oklahoma and it should be here within the week
  5. AndrewVolpe

    Northeast meet? (July-August)

    ugh well i just sold my pontiac and im still looking for another one. i was supposed to get a grand prix that was in florida, but hurricane betty had a say in it and flooded the car with 4 inches of water cus she thinks shes cool. dam bitch.... lol
  6. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

    lol thanks i just edited it out. ahahah now all who saw it must forget immediately lol
  7. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

    anyone wanna buy a 93 bonneville sle? lol 87k original miles, runs and drives fine. too much rust for my dad to help me put money into it. i will include all parts i have gotten from junkyards/accumulated over time for free. $1000 lol
  8. AndrewVolpe

    Northeast meet? (July-August)

    ill probly show up
  9. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

    anyone selling a 2004-2005 bonneville sle with less than 50k miles for less than 10 grand?
  10. AndrewVolpe

    95naSTA's Bonneville Progression

    that looks awesome. when i fixed my exhaust leak i had to replace the muffler as well so the idiotic guy at meineke gave me a smaller muffler and went down to autozone (i actually saw him there) got a chrome dual tip and screwed it on to my muffler. and its looks terrible because its all rusty now due to the terrible quality of the metal.
  11. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

    http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3owafr/ i made this because its true lol
  12. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

  13. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

    well when i stall out a light comes on that says check gagues and i think the engine light comes on im not sure im gonna have to try and stall it out again and find out lol. i learned that if im going like 45 and i just stomp on the brakes as hard as i can i can make it stall out ahahah idk if its supposed to do that
  14. AndrewVolpe

    Boston kid new to FP

    could it be the throttle position sensor thing?
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