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  1. eckoxl

    appearance overhall

    today after a nice wash and wax.
  2. eckoxl

    appearance overhall

    Now I shall refer you to my signature | | | | \/
  3. eckoxl

    appearance overhall

    yeah. lol. minus the intercooler, kit, flat black spoiler and the whole being fast thing. lol.
  4. eckoxl

    appearance overhall

    how is that pricey? the kit brand new is 599.
  5. eckoxl

    appearance overhall

    got the kit, shaved trunk, and spoiler for 575. another....
  6. here are some teaser pics for the next phase of my car. and a couple hours later, we have a flat black sc/t spoiler.
  7. eckoxl

    quick winter shoot

    thanks everyone. heres some more pics
  8. eckoxl

    quick winter shoot

    washed the car yesterday, and it started snowing today. go figure. decided to get some quick shots before it got all dirty. enjoy.
  9. eckoxl

    my progression

    just an update for everyone. got some 65lbs injectors and a racetronix fuel pump. car runs amazing and hauls ass.
  10. eckoxl

    couple of new pictures

    thanks! spoilers are ugly. 1. 10 month long build thread -> http://www.gaownersclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=116793 2. 3 months 3. Nope. 4. Built stock.
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