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  1. louisville

    My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

    Haters LOVE me!
  2. louisville

    My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

    ...or would care for Im sure You and your ride never get any complements.
  3. louisville

    My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

    Good thing I live in the good ol U.S.A. , where opinions are like as*holes . Im fortunatly not 1 of the 99 % . I love to constantly come up with ideas to improve my ride. Im still coming up with ideas and will probably never finish. I too have a 70 in sharp led tv with surround,,,,but also have a cool ride. Opinions + or - are welcome. And the feedback from the people who see it in person, will probably be something most of you will never experience.
  4. louisville

    My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

    SC/T rear wing has now been installed. I lost the rear bumper kit piece on the hwy. Word of advise to anyone installing SC/T kit: Don't go with the tape that comes with the kit. Get the more expensive 3M tape. Note Custom trunk gets mad reviews from anyone who sees it. Not sure if the video plays for you guys or not . Try clicking on the trunk pic and let me know if it plays. Visible in trunk: 2-type x alpine 12" subs. 6-PDX Alpine digital amps. 19" Raw video panel.
  5. Just a few pics for your pleasure :
  6. louisville

    Upgraded Forum Software

    wow, so different. will take some getting used to
  7. louisville

    Louisville's 00 GA GT

    Ive been looking at all the junk yards around here for a sc/t spoiler , no luck yet.
  8. louisville

    Louisville's 00 GA GT

    Thanks Guy's , Iv'e been searching for the right rim's that just say "marry me" but... they havent made thier appearance to me yet. Im also wanting to drop it but still wanting a difinative answer on what to buy, that is the perfect drop set-up . (Parts List) springs, shocks or struts, extras needed to the job the best and right the first time. As for the exaust , best and right the first time. All suggestions are appreciated and very welcome.
  9. louisville

    Louisville's 00 GA GT

    sorry... learning
  10. louisville

    Here's a few pic's of My ride

    Just dropped her off yesterday at the bodyshop. A new SC/T kit going on as we speak ! Hope to get her back by sat. Cant wait !!!
  11. louisville

    Here's a few pic's of My ride

    im planning on being there, you are gonna be there right? may 29th? also, full sc/t kit being preped as we speak. gonna go on next week ! plus... full trunk mod 95% done , will post pic's soon as its completed
  12. What do you guys think ?
  13. louisville

    Arcade Installed!

    thanks for the quick response !
  14. louisville

    What are you listening to?

    theory of a deadman rocks
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