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  1. I got there eventually. Right now installing the new brackets for the alt. ,air and power steering. Should finish that today. Got the last pieces to rebuild the rear brakes in clouding new drums.
  2. Frosty where was this stuff when I looked! I might have gotten to their web site through a link that didn’t show me everything, is that possible? I’ll call them or order the parts. Thanks for the info.
  3. @oldguy44. Would have liked Wiwoods, have had them on two of hotrods, one four wheel disc. You have the advantage of being able to fabricate. I’m lucky if I can figure out how to open the car door. I’m no tech, I just love tinkering with old cars and driving them of course.
  4. @oldguy44. Time flys! Finally found a disc brake setup from MP Brakes. Wilwood for a 61 requires that you buy their control arms if I remember. But of course I forgot what I don’t remember. While waiting for the brakes I got ps,bs,alt.and a/c pulleys and brackets from CVF. Bought a old style (Heritage) hang on evap. What I haven’t found is all the window and door rubber. BOP, not sure about Chevy, are all the same from the belt line up. Somebody must make it. Removed the quarter windows to replace the worn out plastic rollers and don’t want to put them back with what’s left of the old stuff.
  5. Help! I’m a newbie. Just bought a 61 Venture with a 428, 400 turbo and 4:10 posi. It goes but doesn’t stop. I could use help finding brake drums. I have found wheel cylinders, hardware, and shoes but no drums, dual master cylinder and booster., maybe. Never know till it’s on the porch. I’d like to stay with drums but would switch to discs if I have to. Although not having much luck there either so far have found MPBrakes but nobody picks up the phone. I know there’s been discussion about a brakes on a 63, but 61 seems to be a whole different animal. Any help would be much appreciated, getting real frustrated at this point. Thanks
  6. Don’t mean to hijack your thread but I I have somewhat the same problem. Nobody seems to make a disc setup for a 61 full size. I’m told it’s because of something in the suspension. Just looks like old Pontiac suspension to me. Hope you don’t have a 428 and want a/c same problem.
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