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  1. Finally got the back to tuck a lot more, I need to bust out the plasma and do some trimming and reenforcement on the rear end x-member and frame
  2. Do you really get that off that motor? That’s really not bad at all either. Yeah $300 core. No no machine work, Block looks solid just hoping to cam and springs and call it a day. I wanna say when I pulled it, the Tahoe had like 175k.
  3. It’s literally all those reasons. I live in Colorado Springs at high elevation, I don’t wanna drive this car and have to worry about tuning the carb as I come down, just something I thought about. Then comes gas mileage for the long drive to a car show and use Sparks in the Ozarks in Noel, MO, that big block is gonna get pretty crappy mileage. The story on the motor I have, I work at a mom and pop dealership as their tech. We had a 09 Tahoe they were in cheap it had 2 collapsed lifter’s and told them let’s just toss a junkyard motor in it and call it a day. I asked my boss what the core charg
  4. What’s up new to the group this is my project car it’s a 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix. I bought it from my girlfriends dad for a grand. I’m currently trying to wrap up the air ride and trying to get this thing to lay a little harder. We named the car Lilith. Also doing a 5.3 swap on it as well and collecting some parts for the motor.
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