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  1. Drove my car one night (ran fine), parked it. Then started it the next morning and the engine was ticking. I looked where the ticking was coming from... and the 2 bolts on the rear flange of the passenger side header both had fallen out and the gasket was sliding around. The previous owner used gasket maker and header gaskets too....
  2. About 100 bucks. It’s good quality and it’s easy to install.
  3. Installed Strano master cylinder brace for my 1995 Firebird. It prevents the master cylinder from moving and also stiffens up the brakes. Over time the master cylinder flexing can tear a hole in the firewall, this prevents that.
  4. The forum kind of limits the size of picture I can send. I have a lot more pictures on my instagram @ pontiac_maniac
  5. I drive a 1995 Firebird Formula with a cammed 5.7 LT1. Makes 310hp and 330 torque on a stock tune. Tons of other mods are done as well. I plan on swapping the block out with a 383 short block, procharging it, getting a T-56 magnum, and getting an S60 rear end with better gears.
  6. Picture of my Firebird after it snowed
  7. Top view of my Firebird
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