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  1. Stratman , ty was a good read ! I did do allot of googling but never came across this.
  2. So I decided to start a thread for my bird . Cars been sitting for 8 to 10 years in a small shed in upstate NY . I just recently towed her to NC where I live . First order of biz was to see if she runs . Drained gas , changed oil , plugs , wires , I used an eye dropper full of marvel mystery oil in each cylinder head and hand turned the crank pulley to make sure she wasent locked up from sitting. Oh brand new battery of course . Long behold the beast started and runs like it is 1969 . Did some digging . It is not the original paint at least not all of it . Compression test today see what i got then the engine will be pulled to get repainted and whatever else it needs . Whole body needs repaint . Interior is in really great shape after a clean up the drivers seat is the only place that has a small rip . Very excited !!! received_2539699169388458.mp4
  3. Thanks everyone for the replys . I got her running yesterday thing sounds like a beast took a little work since its been sitting so long but was well worth it!!! Family member facetime us today so he can see her alive again .
  4. Thanks guys . Going to start a thread in a bit . Appreciate the kind words and info .
  5. Im going to start a build post shortly , anyone know where i can find the build sheet on this car ? Locations to look ?
  6. Thanks , going to be some work sitting in garage that long took its toll . We want to get it in tip top shape and drive back to ny to take him for a drive . I towed it from NY to our house in NC over the weekend . Rare car we are told
  7. So I am the brand new owner of a 69 firebird trans am . My wife's father owned this car , he had a stroke 7 years ago and cant drive it or talk other than yes or no answers . What we know about the car so far . Its a 4 speed 69 original moter . It ran bad ass the last time he drove it . Has not been started since 2010. We got some work to do . BTW i am a 20 years exp car auto body tech .
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