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  1. You were destined to be a Pontiac enthusiast. I was forced to start wrenching on cars with my pops at the young age of 11. I’m thankful because it became a passion quickly. My pops bought and sold so many cars I couldn’t even estimate a count. He’s been a Pontiac lover his entire life. His first car was a 70 Le Mans sport at 16 and he drove Pontiacs his entire life. My first car was my 68. Sooooo many memories my friend. I contacted Butler regarding sending them my 455 block. I may go that route or may just bought the parts from them and build it here. Regardless, I need a tad more space before I begin that task.
  2. 68-69s are my favorite GTO’s. I grew up driving a 68 Le Mans. I’m in the slow process of restoring it but it’s on hold for a while. I let it sit for the last 10 years and just seeing it parked and dirty sparked my need to begin the process recently. I miss that damn car. I put an engine/tranny install on hold after buying a steer bike in 2008 and bought my first home soon after. I’ve owned my Le Mans since 2001 and CANNOT wait to see some progress on it again. I can’t across this forum while looking for info about Butler performance.
  3. I bet that thing rumbles. Those Quickfuels have great reviews on a lot of sites. I’ve never seen anyone use them in person sadly.
  4. Sounds like you have one heck of a set up my friend. Awesome choices and I’m glad you’re loving it! Are you running headers or manifolds and what exhaust do you have tied to that bad boy? Did you go EFI or Carb?
  5. Beautiful Custom S! Sounds like you already love it.
  6. Sounds solid! What cam?
  7. Beautiful GTO! What color is that and did you upgrades the bottom end of the engine?
  8. Beautiful car! Did you get this issue resolved?
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