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  1. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac's headquarters

    From what I understood, it was to keep the prestige of the brand in the GM group.
  2. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac's headquarters

    I heard that a group had wanted to buy Pontiac, but that GM had refused to sell. Who was a candidate to take over Pontiac?
  3. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac Racing

    That's it, I had the original message translated into English.
  4. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac Racing

    What was the philosophy of Pontiac Racing?
  5. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac Racing

    Do you have a great (and good quality) photo of Pontianc cars in NASCAR in 2003?
  6. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac Racing

    I would like to talk about Pontiac in auto racing. For example, NASCAR. I loved the 2003 Pontiac. Unfortunately, this is the last. What was Pontiac's reputation in the various competitions?
  7. The_Lyonnist

    Pontiac's headquarters

    I would like to have pictures of the Pontiac headquarters. I have never seen him.
  8. The_Lyonnist

    New member from Lyon, France

    There she's!
  9. Hello, I'm from Lyon, in France. I'm 28 yo. My passion for Pontiac came to me when I was a kid: I had a small car, a Red Pontiac Transport (Red is my favorite color). I loved it for its very steep profile, sharp. Then I liked all the other cars of the brand. I was sick of his disappearance. I have a grudge against GM. I hope to see the return of Pontiac!
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