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  1. Generally, I would tend to agree, but the dyno my friend uses for his LY7 saturn gave him 194.8 whp. Now, at 252 hp SAE , that's a 23% drive train loss. It's all guess work thought unless you've yanked the engine out of the car and crank dyno'd it. What can ya do...
  2. Yeah, I just asked my tuners what my pulse width is, so I hopefully I'll be able to calculate my duration %tage soon. I do know that the one guy that dyno'd stock did have a higher than 20% dt loss, but who know with mine 235 whp does sound like a lot for those injectors. Even at 60 psi and using a BSFC of .6 (since you're turbo'd), you'd still need at least 25 lb injectors to get those kinds of numbers...and that's running static duration. Hopefully my tuners will be able to tell me my pulse width is. They whole heartedly believe I'm not out of fuel, but they are used to tuning v8's and are stuck in that paradox of making 400 crank hp using 24 lb injectors on an LS1. So they assume 23.6 lb injectors should be more than able to make 315 crank hp...but the numbers just aren't there. My main problem is we have had 3 separate guys, with three separate setups ALL max out betwen 221 - 223 whp. NOBODY has made more and we're talking p&p's, headers, custom dyno tunes, etc, etc. Hopefully by the end of this week my friends engine rebuild will tell us. Fact is, we just don't have enough data yet.
  3. He said it would be difficult without changing some of the internals. So yeah, with cams/heads/injectors AND drag radials, I would fully expect this platform to be in the mid to upper 13's. I never dyno'd mine stock, but another guy with the LY7 did and he was around 26% drive train loss. The reason I'm quoting drive train loss when referring to injector duration is because horsepower calculations based on injector flow, duration and psi , calculates HP at the crank not at the wheel. So you need to be able to translate your whp to crank hp by considering the drive train loss to see if your duration is really maxed out or not. As in my example, I know I'm running 223 whp. Depending on if that calculates into a 20% loss or a 25% loss determines if I'm at 275 crank or 297 crank. This directly impact the needed flow rate the injectors need to have. As it seems you know, since I know flow rate, psi, etc, I can estimate my crank hp but can't verify I'm out of duration unless I know the drive train loss. I've been running over these calculators for damn near 3 months now. It's really boiled down to what my drive train loss is because, like I said before, if I'm at near 25% dtl, then I've maxed out these injectors due to duration being arond 98 - 99%. If I'm only at 20%, I should still, theoretically have a little duration left before I need to upgrade. We'll know this week if my hypothesis is correct or not. Yeah, I hear ya. It took Performance Pontiac damn near 10 weeks to get back to me and it was with a "MAYBE if I hit 13's" response. Really though, that's all I need so I can write into Dunlop and tell them I've got advertising space should they provide me with the tires that get me to 13's
  4. Yes, 13's will be tough, BUT, I'm down to a 14.21 with all season street tires and the fastest I can get my 60' down to is 2.1 due to loss of traction if I pre-load anything higher than about 2,500 rpm. If I could get a set of Dunlop Star Spec's I'd be able to lower that by at least a .1 to .15 and be VERY close to 13's. My other problem is, we've determined she's out of fuel injector. With a 20% drive train loss, we're already looking at around 90% duration on these injectors. If you calculate a 25% drive train loss, which isn't unreasonable, I'm at 98 - 99% duration and thus, out of injector. We have a guy that has ported the UIM and heads as well as underdrive pully, headers, etc and it's getting put back together this week. We'll know shortly there after if the stock fuel system is maxed out or not. Either way, we'll keep you posted.
  5. Well, either way, we've started the new website and already gaining some very qualified resources helping out. I also received word from Performance Pontiac that if I can get this thing to 13's naturally, they'd be interested in doing an article on it. So, we're making progress!
  6. Yeah, didn't get a lot of help either unfortunately. But, that was several months ago, so who knows.
  7. Yeah, but as I said before, I was hoping for some first hand experience from here in a fwd application.
  8. Nice find! I might have to consider doing this.... Let's see, probably $125 shipping x2 plus chroming...somewhere around $800 which is my budget (give or take...)
  9. I've already got full headers. I organized the project to get them done. As for ported heads, we're still doing research to find out if that really helps or not. A lot of flow dynamics to consider. But thanks for the contact, I'll be sure to get a hold of him and see if he's interested in joining the team!!
  10. I'm not sure on the black accent. I'd really like to set these apart from the paint scheme.
  11. Damn!! Those are sharp. Are those the C6 wheels? Edit: Nevermind, I just found them. They are C5 replicas. http://www.corvetteguys.com/c5-corvette-wheels-rims.html
  12. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those guys that thinks all chrome wheels are awesome. I'm extremely picky on chrome and the tastefulness of it. I find most chrome to be gaudy and over the top. That's why I'm having so much trouble finding exactly what I want to spend that kind of money on.
  13. Well, I've already run several 14.3's and one potentially 14.21 (combined best launch that night with best run) on stock tires and that was at a density altitude of 1700. Best way to hit 13's will be sticky tires, like the Dunlop Star Spec Z's, and a nice cool, dry night to bring my DA down. Using the time calculator on dragtimes.com, I've already run one 13 and several 14.0x. I also am working with a guy to build a custom intake manifold and do some head modifications (not just a p&p). I'm close. Very close. Now I just need to put it all together and make it happen.
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