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  1. Just an update I’ve been on many websites looking for information. And I haven’t found anything concrete but plenty of speculation that my car it’s probably in the very low production numbers around 100 or less. 1 of 1 ? It would be nice if PHS could give a more detailed report. I recently saw a Mustang Marty report. That gives this type of information regarding options . Thanks
  2. Would love to have a free calendar
  3. I just pulled out the build sheet out from under the drivers seat. On my 80 firebird NCE convertible. The address it was shipped to is 50 North Howard ST Croswell MI 48422 The address is not too far from the NCE conversion facility. But I cannot find any record of a dealership with that name? Stead Chev-Pont-Buick INK Anybody have any ideas?
  4. 1970 Formula 400 https://foreverpontiac.com/gallery/image/375-/
  5. Howman

    1970 FireBird Formula 400

    Just rolled over to 20,000 Miles
  6. Thats strange PHS told me that they don't keep track of production numbers of any colors? Or maybe they were only referring to 1970. Nice car!
  7. Thanks i do appreciate your help . Funny that you mention the stereo. The AC was the most expensive option @ $375.99 But the Stereo is $239.09 and the 8 track $133.76 =372.85 I understand since the car was originally sold in Redwood City CA That somebody would spend extra money on AC. I don't imagine that many firebirds were sold with this stereo option at that price ?
  8. I sent an email to PHS Asking for the breakdown of how many cars have the options my car has. That I did not get it in the information package. This is the response I got back. Unfortunately Pontiac didn"t save break downs on things like options or color.
  9. I did get my information package from PHS. And it shows the 25 options that are on this car. But unfortunately i am no closer in figuring out how many cars in 1970 had all these options. I don't imagine it's a high number? Thanks for your help.
  10. I have sent in a request to PHS hopefully the information package has the info I'm looking for.
  11. I have a Vary low mileage 1970 Formula 400. that has many options And 7,708 were produced that year. But how do i find out how many had the same options as my car?
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