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  1. I can’t believe it, the 289 is free and turning over as it should. I was unable to get anything except a backfire though the carburetor, but at this point, I’ll be happy with just turning over. my thought for next steps are either carb rebuild or upgrade. I really like the idea of changing to an HEI distributor and avoiding points. wires are in bad shape and the plugs are questionable. this car will not be used as high performance.It is my wife’s car and she will be driving it on special occasions and possibly a car show if all works out after paint and body. I’m looking for suggestions on cost and reliability (mostly reliability requiring few ongoing tweaking of the system) start and run products. carb? distributor? plugs? wires? it will be driven mostly in northeast Oklahoma. thank you for any suggestions.
  2. Of course searching through the forum looking for direction of long block or crate engine probably is a good indicator of the amount of hope that I really have. I’m pretty sure this took the place of the boat, golf and hanging out at the beach for a while. I really do appreciate any direction or suggestions on this journey. Knocking the dust off of the wrenches seems more satisfying than I remembered.
  3. Thank you. Engine froze up right now. Been soaking for a couple of days in ATF followed by PB Blaster and lots of hoping for the best. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. 😳
  4. Delivered from Phoenix to Tulsa. Just need to change the oil and put a little wax on it. Okay, maybe not.
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