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  1. double dam, thanks I,m on it. It,s alway good to have a second set of eyes and ears in this case. best thing i,ve done this year is join up.
  2. hello from the Hoosier state. I have had some success. I disconnected the brown wire connection on the main power wire (orange) t- connector next to the light switch (white wire). tried to get a picture (to slow to upload). anyway it fixed the dome light and the blowing heater fuses on start up. trying to find out what the brown wire connects to, might shed some light on the generator light on. with the brown wire disconnected still have dash lights, gauges,lighter,and the heater works fine.
  3. all the wiring is original. I have swapped the automatic transmission for a 4 speed the car had wiring problems when i got it. but all that i have now i created. i have no delusions this car is a 50 footer right now. I even put some duck tape to hold it together (just a little rusty) but its mine. not giving up keep everyone posted. thanks for the tips
  4. Hi yes i am restoring a 1968 GTO. i was working on wiring under the dash and blew a few fuses (dummy). now i have a constant GEN light, i have replaced the Generator, voltage regulator and the ignition switch. my problem just got worse now i have a constant dome light on and am blowing heater fuse on start up i have checked gen wiring so Im back under the dash. help needed !
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