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  1. Thankyou Sprint 6. Appreciate the input, let me try and get my hands on this stuff locally if possible. Can do a test on some other old bumper and check the results. Thanks again. Wyne.
  2. Hey, So I am mostly happy with the exterior of my car the only sore point being the rear bumper which needs attention. Sorry dont have a picture to show what i am dealing with but pitting in places and completely down to the base in some patches too. Now the problems - A. Buying a new one is not possible, getting something of that size & weight shipped from U.S just completely takes the cost out of reach. Maybe if I found one in Dubai or Thai somehow i could look into that would require some serious luck. B. Dont have any good options of re-chroming in town. The jobs i have seen done are nothing close to new chrome (in terms of clarity or finish) then there is the fact that it does not last. The finish starts to fade within months and hits the personal unacceptable level in about 1.5 years. C. 3M wrap. Seems to be the only option. Again if i get the right stuff it wont be cheap but feel like its the best option and also leaves the option of reverting to current state if it goes bad. I dont like wrap. Dont want to use wrap ideally on any car ever. but then I dont have an option here. My question - has anyone have any experience in chrome wrap on a classic car bumper? Any advice from experience in general? Any other ideas? Thanks. Wyne.
  3. Hi. Just wanted to introduce myself. Tariq Wyne from Karachi, Pakistan. 71 Lemans. Running a mild 350. Have loads of questions to ask the knowledgeable folks here. Thanks. Wyne.
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