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  1. turns out it has something to do with the rear wiper fuse. When I got it this fuse was missing, so I replaced it thinking I was helping. After putting in a new battery and alternator I remembered I had replaced this fuse when it was suggested that I start pulling them to see if anything changes. Duh, is right. I was super salty at myself for a minute over that as I had just spent money unnecessarily. But I got over it and now I know. AON; A $7E8 engine code read. I have an appointment with a trusted automotive service and repair shop( ex- employer) on Friday, I'm just curious. The check engine light came on yesterday and that was the code that showed up when it was hooked up during all the issues going on with the fuse. When I googled it then it mentioned air intake and the knock sensor. would a dirty air filter give this reading or could this indicate something more serious? I did notice a slight vibration the last time I drove it when the check engine light first came on. It operated without failure for the 12 city blocks needed to drive it back home where it remains parked. I'm just trying to gauge what type of repairs I may be facing.
  2. I will try this if I continue to experience problems. I hope you are safe and well in these stressing times. With all that's going on in the world thank you for taking the time to help me out.
  3. My Torrent started up and ran without a problem after sitting overnight so I think the poor grounding connecting was the culprit. I still need to check the liftgate actuator and rear wiper mechanism but at least it's starting so I'm thrilled. Again thank you.
  4. thank you so much. i do not have a heat gun but i can get one so that procedure would be great. I will try the many great tips you have suggested. the alternator was a culprit and i will definitely check it as well.
  5. When tested the rear wiper also did not turn on. When I checked the fuse box there was no fuse in that position. So i replaced the fuse and still nothing. Could this issue be part of the liftgate problem? Maybe a short in the wiring or something? Had someone take a second look and found that the grounding wire had very poor contact with the terminal connector, it came off with the slightest touch. So we hooked that back up and everything came on full force. I will find out tomorrow if that was the problem or if there is more to discover. Thanks for your time.
  6. recently i purchased a used 2007 Torrent. At first all was working well then I went out the other morning and the remote key fob would not unlock the doors so I manually unlocked it and got it. I placed the key in the ignition and got nothing when I turned it. The key then became locked in the ignition and I had to jump the battery for it to release. It ran fine for a day but overnight the battery drained again so I replaced it with a new one. The new battery started her right up. The key fob was acting janky so i replaced that battery too. I tested it and it unlocked and locked the doors. Again it sat overnight and in the morning I went out, unlocked it with the remote but it wouldn't turn over when I attempted to start it. Lights came on but no start. The key came out and I tried to turn it on again, this time no lights or anything came on. Upon checking the battery voltage it appeared to be completely drained. Hooked it up to jump it and eventually a spark came back and it was able to get started. checked the cables and cleaned the connectors very well, hooked it all back up and it started. The battery had a voltage reading between 14.1-14.4 after letting it run for a few minutes. I hadn't been able to open the liftgate since I purchased it (don't know how long it wasn't working) and upon inspection realized that the motor was not working properly so it was disconnected when the new battery was put in as we thought that may be what was draining the battery. One other suggestion is to replace the alternator as a remedy but have not done that yet. HELP!!!!! what do you think could be draining the battery?
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