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  1. Thanks, will use your advice. Edelbrock or Holley? I know everyone has their fav
  2. Will be a car that I drive on the weekends if weather good. Want a little bit more power but not take to the track. Enough power to be respected in the streets but cruise on the highway Also I have been searching but I can not find floor pan patches for a 73 grand prix. If a site has them, they are out of stock.
  3. I do want to upgrade the motor. Not gonna take it to the track so it will be a street car that has some power. Ideas are mild cam, headers, exhaust, etc. I know the more a person builds, the more they want to add. It's a running car so I will be driving with the build. Start small and work my way up. HP 500-600
  4. I'm new to the forum and also to the build world. Just want some good respectful, opinions, and ideas, how how to build my 73 grand prix 455. First like to start with what size carb and flowmasters?
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