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  1. Thanks for the replies! Good info Frosty, thanks for that. The USFL thing had me thinking of an Universities in that area too, nothing seems to match up. US Fleet, hmm. Would think the THP is also related to whatever USFL means. I actually found a plate frame almost identical (different colors slightly) for Dan Day Pontiac, has "newer" Pontiac logo's on it too, not sure what year range it's accurate for but should be close to 81'.
  2. Hi to the forum, I very recently bought a 1981 Grand LeMans Safari wagon, transported from CA to it's new home (me) in WI. Nice and rust free, has a patina I guess, all original that I can tell and in pretty nice shape other than normal wear and tear, plus a couple dents. Pretty bare bones option wise, being the documentation/history dork that I am with cars I ordered a dealer invoice from PHS, I actually had that before the car even arrived. Anyway, here is a picture: I'm hoping some Pontiac experts can help decipher what it means with the c/o USFL, (THP). I know Dan Day is the dealer, the USFL in the defunct football league I'm also familiar with but this is a good year or so before that was even started, so I don't think there are any ties there. I can't figure out what those letters stand for. I don't plan to keep it original for long, I plan to drive it and keep it as is this year, the original hubcaps will be changed first, I have some nice 14" aluminum wheels from a Monte Carlo with RWL tires, 15" snowflakes are destined for it at some point, then probably converting to buckets/console using Grand Prix/LeMans g-body parts, adding some basic suspension upgrades then in 1-2 years the 3.8 Buick will be removed for something much more fun. I do plan to keep the body looking original and interior looking like it could of come from the factory, nothing radical, just a nice driver.
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