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  1. Does anyone know a good source for outer belt sealing strips for 87 Pontiac Bonneville? These are the weatherstrips at the bottom of the door windows on the outside. Steele Rubber and Rubber the Right Way do not have them.
  2. Thanks everyone for all of your help. I was able to find the Sta-bil marine and the Sunoco 93 here. The car seems to be running fine.
  3. Last Indian, thank you for this information. The details really help to understand what to do. I believe I may have already accomplished the last step (bleeding the fuel supply)?: I replaced the fuel filter while I was siphoning the stale gas, and in this model in order to relieve the fuel pressure (before changing the fuel filter), you pull the fuse for the fuel pump and then crank the car several times. Also while I had the fuel filter disconnected I put a hose on the fuel supply line leading from the gas tank, put the fuse back in for the fuel pump, and engaged the fuel pump several times to try to get some more stale fuel out of the tank. So did that accomplish the bleeding or do I still need to do that?
  4. Last Indian, should I let the Iso-Heet sit in there with the water for a day or so before I add the fresh gas? Also I do not know if I can get 91 octane here in 100% gas, so will it be alright to use 91 octane (or higher) of ethanol blend? Which is better or does it matter? Thank you both for the advice.
  5. I just siphoned old gas out of my 87 Bonneville, but I think there may be a few gallons left in there. I would like to add a treatment to address the ethanol&water that is no doubt remaining in the tank before I add in fresh gas, which will be 100% gas. Has anyone had any experience with DFS Plus, the Bell product that is supposed to dissolve the water back into the gasoline? Or do you recommend another water treatment product? I was interested in this one because it does not contain alcohol. I could not see the point of filling up with 100% gas rather than ethanol and then adding a fuel treatment product that contained alcohol.
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