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  1. Great info! If car idles for 20 min, no leak. Only when rev up and then immediate leak, stops back at low rpm or idle. Nice idea about the dipstick tube. I will look into it. Mechanic claims followed instructions and that crank looked good but makes you wonder. Thanks, good info from all.
  2. Wow, sounds great but suspect it is beyond my ability to do. I did check compression in each cylinder and they are within 8 psi of each other. I have read about hot rod engines that have to have significant vacuum pump to decrease crankcase pressure. There are expensive electrical flow meters beyond reasonable price (more than rebuild). Engine was rebuilt about 25,000 miles ago (1985). Only recently started leaking problem. I have recently replaced power brake booster and 4-wheel disc brakes. Noting that the brakes work great but would new booster contribute to problem? Got my license in this one family car in 1968 and have owned it since 1974. I need to figure this out. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. Do you know of a fairly inexpensive but effective device? Guess I could block oil port in valve cover and connect to pcv grommet at intake? Interesting that no oil accumulates at oil spout breather.
  4. Had rope seal and began leaking, then recently replaced with new 2 piece viton by instructions. Pulled engine. Mechanic did work. Does not leak at idle, only when increase rpm. Suspect old seal was ok and that I have increased crankcase pressure at higher rpm than idle. Really not sure. Considering addition of vacuum pump. PCV works. Appreciate info on best solution.
  5. Recently replaced rear main seal leaks with increased rpm. Best fix?
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