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  1. Hi everyone, my '68 Tempest has the original 350 with an Edelbrock Pontiac Performance intake that was installed in the '80s. There is a coolant leak near the front of the intake manifold and back of the water pump. I installed a new water pump, thermostat, and gaskets, to no avail. Does this look like a candidate for a new intake gasket? Also, I've seen stuff on another forum about a donut-shaped gasket that should go into a recess on the intake. Does anyone know if this donut-shaped gasket is the small round gasket that comes with an intake gasket set? I've included a couple of photos -- you can see how the coolant is kind of pooling in that area. Any guidance or help would be much appreciated! I am still learning and want to do this repair on my own.
  2. Hi. I'm working on getting the original hood back on my Tempest. There's a fiberglass hood on there now. I'm struggling with the pop up spring. Can anyone tell me the proper mounting procedure? The shop manual has no information about it, and the car was missing this hardware so I'm starting from scratch. I'm unsure if the spring goes on top of the fascia, with bolts through the spring loops & into fascia. When doing this, the spring won't budge, and the bolts pop right out of the body clips. Another option I've tried is having the spring go through the ends of the body clips? Does anything need to go under the fascia? Here are two photos -- is either method correct? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  3. Thanks, guys. I didn't have to do too much to get it running. The first thing I did was pull the plugs and squirt some Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders. I let it soak in for about 10 days. While that was happening, I flushed the radiator and changed the oil. I pulled the fuel tank, which was interesting b/c the car was in a space where I could not use a jack. So I spent alot of time crawling under the car. I got the tank dropped and emptied. It was rust free & intact, so I put a new sending unit in and put the tank back up. I changed the differential oil & gasket. I put a new battery in & cranked out that Mystery Oil. I put in new plugs, cranked it a bit & was happy when that oil light went out. It fired right up -- rough, but it was running. Amazingly, the brakes were working. A friend adjusted the timing. My father in law put a Holley 4 barrel in back in the '80s and it seems to stumble a bit when I put my foot into it. The car has dual glasspacks/cherry bombs on it now --- it's loud but sounds really cool. I'm not sure if I'll put mufflers on it or keep it as is. Here's the first start -- first time running since '89 or '90: I bought a disc conversion kit for the front brakes, and I'm upgrading to 15" wheels. I also need to put on tailpipes (the glasspacks are right under the car.). It has a few cosmetic issues but is very solid. I hope to have it on the road by Fall.
  4. Hi everyone. A few months ago, I came into possession of a '68 Tempest Sport Coupe. This car is very special to my family because it was bought new by my wife's grandfather. It ended up sitting covered and unmoved for the last 27 years. My in-laws were kind enough to let me have it. I did a few weeks of prep work and got it running. It moves & stops under its own power, though I have more work to do before it's road worthy. Looking forward to interacting with the group. I'll share what little knowledge I have, and I'll be asking some questions. Here are two shots -- one is the car right before I started working on it, and the second is how it looks now.
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