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  1. No sir i cked and made sure they was tight i didnt pull them and clean them
  2. So when i left work i put it in first gear and turned to the left and started driving and it didnt do it.. even when i slowed down to stop the speedometer didnt jump.. but when i got home i tried it again and it was doing it again!!! This thing is possesed lol
  3. Ok i will try that on my way home from work.. thanks
  4. You ahve helped alot and i appreciate it.. i dont know what else to do lol.. ive tried everything i know to do i hope someone can figure it out lol Yes sir cruise control works
  5. You ahve helped alot and i appreciate it.. i dont know what else to do lol.. ive tried everything i know to do i hope someone can figure it out lol
  6. I have crawled all over this thing looking for loose wire or broke wire.. i have found nothing so far.. i need a miracle lol
  7. Ok with car running i have 13v on all the wires except yellow one it still shows nothing... i pulled abs fuse incase it was tied in with trac control and same issue
  8. Hey what do u mean disconnect from source? I dont see a fuse for traction control anywhere
  9. I have 12 volts on all them except the yellow wire it has nothing.. and the orange wire is only getting 11 volts
  10. Ok im looking into this right now i will let u know what i find.. thanks
  11. I really hope so... i really appreciate everyones help.. i did notice on my way home from work that even going straight the rpm gauge and speedometer was jumping a little bit.. not sure if it was cause of bumps in the road or what..
  12. I thougjt that too but it only does it when u turn left.. doesnt matter if your going 5 mph or 55 mph.. like i can go in circles in my yard and the speedometer wont budge until i turn steering wheel back to the right.. its crazy lol..
  13. Sorry i meant transmission speed sensor.. i changed it and both wheel bearings on front which have the abs sensors in them.. i appreciate all the help guys!! Ooh and whats weird is it only does it while vehicle is on the ground if i raise both front tires off the ground i can go as fast as i want and turn the wheel to the left and it doesnt do it Ooh and i have a scanner that does abs but it wont connect for some reason.. it connects fine to ck engine codes but not abs!!
  14. I replaced the one on passenger side i didnt know it had two on there
  15. Neither light comes on.. runs great other than this issue
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