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  1. 15 minutes ago, Frosty said:

    I would suggest private messaging GuitarsExtreme (a.k.a. GE), SPRINT6, and TWO LANE BLACKTOP. I know they all live in North Carolina, but I am not certain if they are remotely close to you. I know that GE lives SE of Charlotte.

    All three of them  might have some suggestions for you.

    GE is closer so far 😂 I'll have to check in with one of them to see what they recommend

  2. Thank you for posting the video, SnoWht95... brings back a lot of good memories.  My '93 from back in the day, had the unpainted aluminum wheels and a cloth interior, but otherwise it had all the options yours has. Had I know back then that there were only 719 of these built, I might have tried to hang on to it. I'm rooting for you as you return it to her former glory! 
    No problem... Stay tuned for more [emoji57]

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  3. So are you looking for a third parts cars to (A) repair the body damage on the '93 and (B) has a solid drivetrain to put into the '95?
    Nah. The damage on the '93 just looks bad. It can be pulled. The '95, however, can sacrifice the rest of its parts

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    I think once this gets popped back out it's gonna be all good... Not much to pull, considering the impactb8983beb0bf216f7726e943b35406aad.jpg3c43edb0b228efb69be615f651b312dc.jpga47fd7f51271230e201fa0cf67e1f683.jpgf3282eac47d89a828dcdc21280828e2d.jpg33db0241d34449352041915e7d85c609.jpg

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  4. Update:

    '93 came home Sunday morning. Looked underneath, "done" by Southern standards but "rust free" for all you Northerners. That being said, brace yourselves for some Compnine information:

    '93 only saw 719 of these. 115 were Bright White with matching wheels. From those 115, 72 had the 1SD package (power everything, including antenna). Add in the B20 Sport interior, leather, tape deck with equaliser, and rear defrost.

    So with this being fully loaded, this makes the only one of 2 '93 Bright White GAGT Sedans left built this way. The other one was sent to California.

    So you tell me which one stays now...ae1473d01af5ff0cae7c496c5898f4a1.jpgab49d900fa7ab6b622dba6d83af55cd0.jpgc1b8e24f51408cf5bd119c5aec3a6188.jpga6f4e5c70f13a7a0ab34db1387dc5647.jpgd5ec28bacb1aa35f235381852b089f8c.jpgc299c8519543271c9603ac225d3ac463.jpgb90ed54d402301f366852da17be06379.jpg408f1a96921717f28ac3ba8b83384425.jpg0585688ec4ebef23bde678fc6d7473bd.jpg

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  5. Obviously without seeing the “93” its condition is unknown, but Thornville is near Columbus, which get a substantial smaller amount of snow than the Northeast Ohio area, which means a lot less salt! 
    When you get then “93” you may be surprised! What you might be able to do is mix and match! Your “95” subframe, lines, basically steel parts will probably be in better shape. The body of the “93” may be ok.
    That's what I was thinking... Because the rear brake lines are busted, and the damage is apparently easily fixable from the video. It's got solid rockers and such, it runs and drives too. But the interior is exceptional... 169k milesIMG_20171106_213248_613.jpg

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  6. Basically the aftermath of the damage to the transmission and such. Apparently the 4T60 in the '95 was held together with hardware store screws, neither me or the original owner was made aware until after the damage had been done and the motor was out. And to think my transmission was laying on the subframe this whole time8d7ace2f71cd6beab7a0d62808a80534.jpg19a6d1a95791500f2ae7e2db00799b56.jpg5568f75a25144c0fb89190866333c78a.jpgb4c4e590d396dec01987c4d38f5a35c8.jpga64aff404dd48a933d34083e7b788ce8.jpg36d5e9811b82e87c5bd06d7e44157a98.jpg

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  7. SnoWht95...
    This brings back fantastic memories for me! I bought GAGT sedan just like this one (except for the painted wheels) brand new back in '93. It is my favorite DD I've owned and wish I still had it. It was a Quad4HO with a five speed, a blast to drive!... 175HP was a good bit of power in '93 especially from a normally aspirated four cylinder... 4,000 rpm to 6,500 rpm was where it really came alive!  Gosh... I haven't seen one of these in years. It's rare all right, but rare does not always mean valuable. I'm glad you bought it, you sound like someone who really appreciates these cars. I'm wishing you good luck on this project and please post your progress.
    Here's mine 24 years ago...
    This was an absolute shock to me, seeing the fact that I missed out on not one, but TWO '94 HO's this year (one black sedan and one red coupe). Thing is though, on one hand the '95 is completely gutted, and I was just planning on taking a couple years or so just building it like the '93 just to have a HO GAGT Sedan. On the other hand, I'm worried about the '93 not because of the damage, but because of me having to buy it from Thornville, Ohio and have it delivered all the way to Asheville, NC (I guess you can say underbody rust issues given the location). So whether I decide to piece the '95 back together or fix the running/driving '93, either way it's my dream car...

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  8. I know I haven't really said much (mostly over on GAOC) but here goes... Apparently I bought a '95 GAGT Sedan about two years ago as a DD, 3100, yada yada yada. Most of uou know her as "Snow White". Well, the transmission decided to fail in March, so I wanted to go ahead and do a Quad 4 HO swap to it, seeing those sedans were rare from '92-'94 and nonexistent in '95. So I stripped my '95 down to a bare shell hoping I could build it, and all of a sudden there's a white wrecked '93 HO Sedan for sale in Ohio last week for parts! (Did I mention it's 1 of 719 sedans built like this in '93?) So apparently it will be here on the 18th... Until I figure everything out I kinda have two GAGT's (for now)


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    Leave it to me to forget pictures of both cars [emoji23]2faf8c42593743d70831a6a9694f4285.jpg

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