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  1. CarlyGTP

    New Here- 1999 GP GTP

    Sell me your coilovers then... and your god damn rims, thanks
  2. CarlyGTP

    New Here- 1999 GP GTP

    Thank you for the welcome , these housings ran HIDs for a while before I bought them off the guy. I have the HIDs but I didnt have any ballasts or relays and honestly don't care for setting it up unless I were to retrofit like you said. I had to redo a wiring harness for them with as the harness that came with it was set up it. Anyways I am quite fond of the look over the stock but yes I do like retrofits better.
  3. CarlyGTP

    New Here- 1999 GP GTP

    Thanks guys, I was going to do a retrofit however these spyders go for around $300 and I managed to get them for $100 lightly used so I wasnt complaining. Output is a lot better than stock and that is without HIDs. If I were to do it again i'd like to do the housings black
  4. Hi there, I am from Ontario, I bought my first pontiac back in sept it was a 2003 GTP. I was in an accident and bought a 1999 GTP coupe a week after. Since then I've been hooked on pontiac and my prix hoping to modify it further than it is. List so far, -SD Ram air hood -Open cone intake -MSD ign. coils -NGK wires on autolite copper core 606s -Aeroforce scan guage -LED spyder halos with the grille inserts yadda yadda all that fun stuff Anywho ive only had the car a few months. I plan to install headers and do a gen V swap in the next month or two as well as a street tune to get her running good. I've done all the work myself and want to continue working on it. I am in love wit pontiacs, G8 GTs, GTOs and Trans ams are some of my favourites makes me wish I could get something besides this prix. Anyways, seems like a good site!
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