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About 6.0GTO!!!

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  1. I really don't have a time frame. And yes I was wondering what a good cheaper known recipe is
  2. Does anyone know how much horsepower the m32 tranny is rated to or how much it will actually hold?
  3. I do want to supercharge it but there so expensive I just don't have the money for it. And I really don't want to make that much horsepower. Just enough to blow a 5.0 out of the water. So with that being said for right now just street. And eventually I will have aftermarket exhaust all the way back. And yes all of the the things you mentioned are in place and operational
  4. K&N intake going to upgrade to the Vararam intake. And just got long tube headers in it yesterday. I plan on getting a cam put in then fast 92mm intake & throttle body to match.
  5. What's a good mild street cam for ls2. Nothing to big just a bit obove stock. And does anyone have any tips or tricks that will make it easier?
  6. 6.0GTO!!!

    I'm a rebel

    Haha had to do it! I parked next to a Prius
  7. 6.0GTO!!!

    Pontiac GTO

  8. 6.0GTO!!!

    Love my GTO

    None just intake. Working on getting a cam and headers.
  9. 6.0GTO!!!

    Love my GTO

    The wheels are drag dr34. And thanks guys
  10. 6.0GTO!!!

    Love my GTO

  11. 6.0GTO!!!

    Love my GTO

    Got I all shined up!
  12. 6.0GTO!!!

    05 GTO

    Intake and exhaust. After deployment I'm think about supercharging it. Only got 50xxx miles on it got it for 8500 it was a steal!!
  13. 6.0GTO!!!

    05 GTO

  14. 6.0GTO!!!

    05 GTO

    The new goat!
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