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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the comments and info. I will be investigating these suggestions during the winter, and as soon as the cold weather is done, I'll be locking myself in the garage getting it ready for the tranny repairs. I'll post my progress as it goes. Summer Kruze-Ins, here I come!!
  2. Yeah, I've always dug fender skirts. I'd probably even put on a Continental Kit if I could find one! Yes, I painted the covers myself, and, no, I don't use a suicide knob. I like the full wheel covers. Even have a second full set. The interior is in very poor shape. I plan to have it reupholstered as original. The metal dash is gray, and will be repainted when I ever get the body done. (I'm thinkin' Black Metalflake or Sparkle and White Pearlescent. Too much? Opinions, please. Footnote: in case you hadn't noticed, when I had the exhaust converted to dual (but still using the single exhaust manifold - they had to do some creative bending!), I had the tips coming out of the bumper corners. They were originally black blanks which were rusting out anyway.
  3. Here's the photos I promised. taken behind my old house in ''02 2003 some shots of the engine - all new ignition parts. Painted the valve covers & voltage reg myself. The script & indian head look white, but they're painted silver. ...and this is what I hope it will look like when I'm done (Photoshopped)
  4. Thanks to all for the welcomes and replies. Actually, the transmission isn't doing anything! Back in '97 it was my daily driver. Went to work one summer day, came out after work and there was a big puddle of fluid under the car and every gear is neutral (except Park, of course. It still locks.) Later, in '03, I drained the fluid, refilled it, raised the rear, started it and put it in D. The driveshaft turned, the one rear wheel turned, but it didn't change when I put it in R. But when it was back on the ground with the weight of the car, it wouldn't move. That's all I know. If I can figure out how to post my photos here, I'll share them. I, too, am a member of POCI here in Dayton, but have yet to attend a meeting. I read the Smoke Signals as soon as I get it. Hoping to attend the next summer event.
  5. Hi, everyone. I just stumbled on this site and thought it might get me some help. I've had my '57 Chieftain since '73 and it's been running off and on since. I would drive it for a while till something else would go wrong, it would be down till I could get it fixed, and so on. Currently it is garaged as the tranny went out back in '97. Hoping to get it taken care of this winter/spring so it will be ready by summer. Have no idea what's wrong with it, if it can be repaired or needs rebuilt or replaced, and have no leads on a replacement 3-speed Hydromatic StratoFlite. I'm hoping someone out there may be able to help. Thanks, folks.
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