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  1. I am thinking about getting a bug deflector for my '07 Torrent. Thoughts? There are a few rock chips and scratches that I can't afford to have repainted at this time, so I thought a bug deflector would cover them up for the time being. I have always been against them, but the one for the Torrent doesn't actually look half bad.
  2. Right on. Thanks. I'm sorry for so many questions, but do you have the measurements for the length of pipe and what size filter you used? I really do appreciate it!
  3. By the way, thanks for the welcome emoticons! I just have a stock '07 Torrent, but can't get too outlandish with mods since I have a kiddo. Where did you acquire the parts to make your own intake? And would you have the $$$ figures on how much it cost? Thanks!
  4. My Torrent has the 3.4 motor. Wish I had a GXP!
  5. Hello, I am new here and have a modification inquiry regarding the air intake on my 2007 Torrent. I’ve searched high and low for a complete cold air intake kit but thus far have only found one on eBay from a company called BBP. Are there modifications that can be made without purchasing an entire air intake kit? For example, will a standard K&N cone filter work after removing the factory air box? If so, how does one easily remove the factory air box? Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks for helping out the new guy!
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