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With Adam's Polishes becoming a new vendor of ours, I figured now was a great time to pick up some new items to start detailing my cars with. Then of course let you all know how it went ;) . The products I picked up were the:



Adam's suggests that you use a "clean water" bucket and a "soapy" bucket for best results when washing your car, then to use the detail spray as you finish washing your car to prevent water spots while drying. Then of course using the detail spray as you clay bar your car as the lube (yes, notallthere, I said lube :P ) Figured I'd give it a go and see what the results were. If I don't like it, hey can always use a bucket, amirite?


As you can see above, this review will involve the Camaro as it needed a good wash and clay barring. Have to say that using the 2 bucket approach is interesting and they came with the "grit bar" at the bottom of the bucket to ensure that all the grit and crap that you pick up while washing your car on your wash rag gets taken off and that worked nicely. Think during the whole "washing" processing the only thing that I found a bit annoying was that the wash rag liked to cling to things as it was a bit "stringy" material and around emblems and other sharp items it kind of grabbed it a bit. Then while drying I had to pull the "string" bits out of the emblems. Just a note to be careful, otherwise the wash rag was great and performed as well as possible. Other than that, washing went as per normal. I did try the detail spray at the end to keep the water spots down and that worked like a charm, as you can hear I say in the video below.


Here's a walk-around after the initial wash, detail spray and dry:



After this I ended up clay barring. Didn't get any pictures or videos of this process as clouds were moving in so I wanted to get done as fast as possible. With that said, the clay was very interesting. For the money you spend, you get a good block of clay. I split it in half to use as you don't need nearly that amount for one barring. The clay is very durable but molds easily and following the directions provided by Adam's how to get a nice even surface, by starting out on your windows, worked very well. Overall the clay did wonders and I was very happy and impressed with the overall bar and detail spray.


Here's a little overview video at the end:



Overall I am very happy with this purchase and the results they provided. Following Adam's directions lead to some fantastic results in the products. My only gripe with the products, as I mentioned in the first video, the detail spray smells a bit like bubble gum and after a while it was getting to me :lol: . Other than that, great products and they get the Ringo seal of approval.




Overall: 4.5/5 stars (would have been 5/5 but that bubble gum smell really go to me)

Don't forget to visit the vendor page for more information about how you can get a discount at Adam's: https://foreverpontiac.com/pages/vendors.html

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Welcome to FP, ADAMS.

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I just bought the pumpkins spice detail spray for Ms Notallthere for Christmas.  We will check it out and yes I bought my wife car stuff for Christmas.

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7 hours ago, Ponty said:

Nice review. I've tried Adam's glass cleaner

Thanks! How did you like it?

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Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of Griot's inventory and happy with their products, but next time I need to reorder I'll give Adams a try as they are a sponsor.

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Saw them prominently portrayed in several of Streetspeed717's videos of recent.

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    • By Ringo64
      As we kick-off our new vendors program, I wanted to bring attention to the new vendors page. This will organize all our Partners/Vendors into one easy list that includes what they do, any offer, and anything else important about the vendor. This page is ONLY available to Forever Pontiac members to ensure that you are the only ones with the discounts and benefits!

      While logged in here, you can go to: https://foreverpontiac.com/pages/vendors.html

      Please let us know if you have any issues, questions or any comments on how to improve this offering.

    • By Ringo64
      As I sit here this morning drinking my cup of coffee it dawned on my that I've owned my Xbox One for about 2 months now and haven't written a review yet. Whelp here we go...

      Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5

      Overall the console itself is a great improvement over the Xbox 360 in hardware and software. Without going too technical on you guys , the speed of the One is incredible, you can go from one game/app to another in a second without losing any of your progress in each. Then you can snap specific apps to the side and do multiple things at once, especially handy to do for Pandora, ESPN scores, Fantasy teams, or browsing Forever Pontiac while playing a game, pretty cool stuff. Kinect 2.0 is amazing too, voice commands are crisp and clean, a clear improvement over its predecessor (it no longer does a command when I'm not talking to it ).

      The operating systems, yes plural, for the One are very smooth in operation but some of the user interface design and functionality is a little odd. This is the only of the One I really am having an issue with. A lot of the items that you are accustom to on an Xbox console are no longer there, like when a friend comes online, nope no alert. This might be because you can have "Over 1,000 friends" now and followers but think you should be able to set "favorite friends" to be alerted of. Then in order to talk in a party with your friends you have to select to do so. There are some other features that are a bit clunky and as a software engineer myself I would say "odd" but I think overall Microsoft did a nice job with the software components and being inventive with a new UI, also a lot of these "odd" areas can be patched (which MS has said they will improve a lot of them).

      Game-wise, I only have 3: Forza 5, COD: Ghosts, and Madden 25.

      Forza 5 is down right amazing, the graphics are a great enhancement and true proof of what a next-gen console is capable of. The new UI for Forza can sometimes be a little confusing, especially at first as it puts you right into the game on first play but once you're used to it you'll do fine. Just like Forza IV it has some integration with Top Gear, this time James and Richard joined in as well, it definitely brings the game full-circle for our group of car geeks. This game has made the console for me and I don't want to give away the fun but countless hours of fun have been had. Last point made, I think a great new addition to the game has been the drivatars (compete in the series against your friends, my FB friends probably have seen the Erik's (Crimson and Woody) and I going at it recently) and the built-in innate ability of the Xbox One to record items renders hilarious results (see below for my video).


      COD: Ghosts and Madden 25 are both decent reproductions of their current franchise for the Xbox One, graphics upgraded, memory/speed allocated, etc... etc... I really don't have much to say other than they take great use of the Xbox One's new architecture and hardware.

      Apps on the Xbox One are great and improving over the 360, getting more and more everyday. Netflix has been redone and the UI is a great improvement over the last though I find it very hard to go to a different episode/season of TV show while watching. Anywho, without boring you guys too much, the point is the One is really an all-in-one entertainment device.

      In conclusion, the Xbox One is amazing, worth the money, and builds on what the 360 had started.

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