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Trevor Demelo

Rear ended, 2000 Grand Am SE, Could use help/advice (PICS)


Yesterday on my comute home from work I was at a red light waiting for a green so i could proceed straight through the intersection, minding my own business and I suddenly hear that terrifying sound of tires screeching. I look in my rear view and I new it was going to hit me.

It did. Thoughts were, 1. I'm okay.. Im okay.. and 2. Oh f*** my car. please dont tell me its bad.

The high school kid, just as scared as I was, if not more scared, got out and we greeted each other in a friendly manner, called the cops got him to take the report, got his insurance, and personal info, and went on our way.

. I gave a quick visiual inspection with the cop and he told me it looked cosmetic and that the bumper clips just broke and that she's drivable. The bumper seemed to be holding firm to the body and didnt feel like it was going to fall off. When i got home and inspected further, this time looking under it all, I found that metal was bent downward. Great, my weekend is ruined. I did some research hoping it isnt my frame, concluding that its that or my rear bumper bracket that was bent. The bumper doesnt touch the road, nore the tires.

I have been concerned beyond belief and losing sleep after reading insurance nightmare storys and am worried that i wont get much for this. It was 150% his fault, for not paying attention and hitting me at a stand still, but i feel like everything wont be okay, for whatever reason.

I need this car very much and cant really afford anything else. What do you guys make of this as far as damages?

Will the insurance cover it? .I am by no means an expert on auto parts and assembly. I am very confused and scared of losing my soul means of transportation. What options do i have?

edit: Its worth mentioning that i've driven her on 3 seperate accounts and she seems to handle like she always has.Very smooth, no unusual noises or vibration.

IN the photos of the underside of my car, this is exclusively the Very rear end of my car, just behind the wheels. Just let me know if you need more photos.









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That is probably 4-6000 worth of damage. Everything from the rear tires forward are okay but the trunk frame are bent. The insurance company will probably go for a write off. The thing that you will have to ensure is that they give you enough to purchase an equivalent car.

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Yup, frame damage. These Grand Ams are worth $2000-$4000 on average, being an SE, it's in that lower range, so yeah...it's a goner.

There still is somewhat of a follow for these cars, so if you have the time, a part out could net you extra cash towards another car.

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