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RSS Land Rover gives Range Rover Sport the Stealth treatment for Goodwood

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<p>Filed under: <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/category/suvs/" rel="tag">SUV</a>, <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/category/land-rover/" rel="tag">Land Rover</a>, <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/category/luxury/" rel="tag">Luxury</a>, <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/category/off-road/" rel="tag">Off-Road</a></p><a href="http://www.autoblog.com/photos/range-rover-sport-stealth-pack/"><img alt="Land Rover Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack" data-credit="Land Rover" data-mep="304467" src="http://o.aolcdn.com/hss/storage/midas/d073fef62af8f8d1045d75fbc324b596/200280379/rrsport-stealth.jpg" /></a><br /><br />Capable on-road and off, the <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/land+rover/range+rover+sport/">Range Rover Sport</a> may be a lot of things, but one thing it is not is stealthy. It's 16 feet long, after all. That doesn't mean that <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/land+rover/">Land Rover</a> can't try, though, and try it will with the reveal of the Stealth Pack at the upcoming <a href="http://www.autoblog.com/tag/goodwood/">Goodwood Festival of Speed</a>.<br /><br />Available on the HSE Dynamic and Autobiography Dynamic trims, the new Stealth Pack includes blacked-out grille, headlamps, foglamps, taillamps, hood and fender vents, mirror caps and tailgate trim. Even the 21- or available 22-inch wheels get a satin black finish with gloss black wheel nuts, all of which ought to complement just about any of the 18 available exterior colors in the catalog.<br /><br />Otherwise the Range Rover Sport remains mechanically the same, right down to the 3.0-liter V6 or 5.0-liter supercharged V8 available in the United States (or the 4.4-liter V8 turbodiesel additionally offered overseas). While this specific package is assembled for European markets, Land Rover USA tells us that "some of the parts may be used in certain US packages" and that the company offers certain gloss black options in the US as well. Scope out the UK-spec <a href="/2014/06/17/land-rover-range-rover-sport-stealth-pack-official/#continued">press release below</a> for details on the Euro-spec package.<p><a href="http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/17/land-rover-range-rover-sport-stealth-pack-official/" rel="bookmark">Continue reading <em>Land Rover gives Range Rover Sport the Stealth treatment for Goodwood</em></a></p><p style="padding:5px;background:#ddd;border:1px solid #ccc;clear:both;"><a href="http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/17/land-rover-range-rover-sport-stealth-pack-official/">Land Rover gives Range Rover Sport the Stealth treatment for Goodwood</a> originally appeared on <a href="http://www.autoblog.com">Autoblog</a> on Tue, 17 Jun 2014 08:28:00 EST. Please see our <a href="http://www.weblogsinc.com/feed-terms/">terms for use of feeds</a>.</p><h6 style="clear: both; padding: 8px 0 0 0; height: 2px; font-size: 1px; border: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0;"></h6><a href="http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/17/land-rover-range-rover-sport-stealth-pack-official/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent link to this entry">Permalink</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="http://www.autoblog.com/forward/20913162/" title="Send this entry to a friend via email">Email this</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/17/land-rover-range-rover-sport-stealth-pack-official/#comments" title="View reader comments on this entry">Comments</a><div class="feedflare">

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