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72 Lemans Door Panel Door Panel Repair

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Last weekend it finally stopped raining, snowing and generally being miserable weather, and allowed me to spend some time working on the car. So I had a couple of projects to do. I had some work I wanted to do on the Lemans. I have been having issues lately with the driver side door sticking when trying to open it from the inside. So I disassembled the door (I’ve done this a lot over the years so I don’t even need the Service Manual anymore to tear it apart).

Once I got the armest, door latch, power window control switches, remote mirror and door panel off, I could get access window and door latch mechanisms. Examining the latches didn’t show anything out of place. So I took the time to spray WD-40 in all the connect joints between the lock, the latch, and inner door handle. I also sprayed it into the plastic nylon bushings that some of the metal rods go through in the door. I also sprayed the lock/latch mechanism. I will have to wait and see if that fixes the sticking problem.

While the door panel was off, I noticed that some of the vinyl is peeling off the card board backing. Mind you, this is the original 41 year old door panel, so it is showing its age and needs to be upgraded or replaced. I have plans to do that in the future, just not now. So I need to make do with what I have. I have some peeling in the past and I have used Gorilla glue but it bubbles up too much. This time I used Loctite Super Glue. It grabs quickly and does not stain or bubble up either.

Driver’s side door panel showing it’s age. The cardboard is a little rough.

You can see some of the bubbled dried Gorilla glue if you look closely in a couple of places. I tried to cut out the old bubbles with a knife without damaging the cardboard.

Applying the Loctite, then laying the material back over it and holding it for a few seconds.

After that, I put everything back together and she looks great...for a 40 year old panel that is.

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Nice job. Looks good.

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Good work,

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