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Chevrolet Colorado successor spied almost completely camo-free

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Chevrolet Colorado successor spied almost completely camo-free


By Zach Bowman

General Motors has been fairly tight-lipped about whether or not we'll see the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado here in the Land Of The Free. Right now, most signs point to "no." That's a real shame, too, given that the new mid-sized pickup packs what appears to be an efficient and powerful 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine and some snappy styling. That's the kind of combination that could make us miss the new global Ford Ranger all the less. Regardless of whether or not the new Colorado makes it to our back yard, the truck promises to bring buyers elsewhere in the world the capability they want in a convenient package.

A keen-eyed member of Asian forum BBZnet has managed to snap a few quick shots of what appears to be a production version of the pickup. The vehicle has lost the integrated rear bumper of the concept as well as its large 20-inch wheels, but remains fairly true to the original design otherwise. Head over to the BBZnet for more photos.

News Source: BBZnet

Source: autoblog.com


Alot more pics:








Meh dont hate it or love it I feel indifferent on it.

To me nothing will ever bee better looking than the S10's


1st gen.


2nd gen.


Cant leave out the 1991 gmc syclone when talking about the S10 platform. :lol:


Im sure this is a 100X's the truck the S10 was but meh. Also no small truck will ever be as popular as the S10. GM sold a shit ton of them back in the day as did Ford with its Ranger. I think Chevy out sold Ford but the day of the small truck is so long gone in the US.

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And my, rather Nissan like wheel...

But what the hell, GM? I would so buy one, and once again...GM shafts US consumers. Why? IT EVEN HAS A DIESEL. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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I have driven plenty of the current gen canyon and colorados that were stick. Still would rather have a tacoma or a frontier.

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Meh I've never liked small trucks...

Absolutely hate the tails, they took a book out of Toyota for those. Looks like they have a growth on it's butt :lol:

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