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Suspension overhaul - Summer/Fall 2011

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I've decided that an LS1 TA is a long way in the future for me, and I'm gonna keep my firebird for a while. Any suspension parts will change over when I do (except springs and shocks). So sometime this summer, I'm looking to majorly overhaul the suspension on my firebird. I'm not going to be taking this car to the track, but I want it to handle a lot better. the phrase "like its on rails" comes to mind, but I'm not quite that zealous.

so far I've got a pretty good idea of what I want, and prices mapped out accordingly. I've been looking mostly at our vendors' prices, and so far, Herron has the cheapest stuff aside from shocks and springs.

here's what I've got so far on my wish list:

Shock tower brace: 99.95

Subframe connectors: 174.99

Torque arm with relocation to tunnel brace: 368.99

LCA relocation: 89.95

V8 lowering springs and shocks: 609.00 (I've never heard of this brand of shocks, but BMR is selling them, so I'm assuming that they will go well with the springs

LCAs: 114.55 Non-adjustable or 194.00 adjustable (I've been told that the adjustable ones' bushings wear out almost annually...)

Panhard brace: 99.00 (might go with UMI PHB instead... same price, but from a vendor I've worked with before plus most of my other parts are gonna be UMI)

Sway bars... gonna go with the 32/19 combo like a buddy runs. 32 front OEM: $70 on ebay 19 rear OEM: $15 on ebay.... total plus endlinks/bushings: $115

total price is somewhere around the $1600 mark. assuming I get the job I want for the summer, thats about 3 weeks' pay. I'm probably going to do better shopping as this gets closer, but these are my preliminary figures and choices.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Bueller?

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sounds like you have a fun but long summer ahead of you! Are you gonna do this work yourself or take it to a shop.

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Very cool! Sounds like a good upgrade.

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hahaha I never take my car into the shop... there's literally no work on it that I can't do at my house or my uncle's house.

edit: can't do a precise alignment... other than that...

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Looks like you have quite the set up coming along.

I'm working on gathering money for suspension too, but mines for my Ranger and it's a whole different kind of set up than most people are used to.

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