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95naSTA's Bonneville Progression

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Excellent job and very creative work.

Just knowing about these mirrors existed, knowing that they were available on the SSE/i models, finding them and adapting them to your car is at the very heart of hot rodding. Its the little things that makes a car custom to you and your own tastes, and they don't have to break the bank either.

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Very interesting find! Do they offer a motor to automatically close them when you turn the car off? That would be pretty cool.

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That's badass.

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Thanks guys. @ Ringo, no motorized option unfortunately, I can't bring myself to hack these up to make that happen either.

I got my 22mm solid Addco rear sway and brackets back from powder coating a couple weeks back.


It only took 5 years but it'll match the 32mm front now.


Here's the lasted mini project almost wrapped up for the Bonneville.

I wanted a new shifter trim that looked OEM. I searched for what I thought would be close and ended up with a Camaro 6-speed shifter trim. It was close enough to fitting within the Bonneville center console but obviously needed a ton of work..

I used an airless plastic welder to join the parts, wire mesh backing on all joints, and a heat gun to convince a couple of the lines to come together. The goal was not to use any filler or epoxy and have it look as stock as possible. A couple other Bonnie guys have done some interior plastics work before so finding the right SEM products was easy:

Plastic Adhesion Promoter: 39863
Texture Coating: 39853
Color Coat: 15303


In the pic above, you can see the 6-speed trim not wanting to cooperate. I used a heat gun here to bring that section down to the Bonneville base.


That's everything right up until paint and install. I hope to have it finished up soon.

One nice thing about going with such a common car for the shifter trim is I can replace the boot with a stock or aftermarket part readily available.

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It's good to see you're still working her :)

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One other thing that I didn't mention is I put a ton of time over the winter into diag-ing an electrical problem I've had for at least a year and a half. The charging system wasn't maintaining a steady voltage.. Long story short it turned out to be the PCM. This issue is why I never finished wire tucking my engine bay. I still had my engine left to do. I have all the wires re-routed and hidden except for the ignition control module and spark plug wires. When I'm done, you'll be able to see the TPS/IAC/MAF wires for a very small run, a very small run of the alt charging wire, and that's it. No ICM/coils/wires/loom, nothing.

I almost have my bike back together, so that should free up some time I can put toward finishing up the wire tuck.

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Here's a part of my engine harness wire tuck. I'm relocating the coils to rear of the engine. From the top, you won't be able to see any spark plug wires. Front or rear. I'll actually be able to reach this from the passenger side too.

The ICM bracket is from an 3800 F-body. I used one threaded hole on the block and one on the trans to mount the assembly.

This location is similar to where GM mounted the 2.8/3.1 MPFI ICM, just on the other side of the engine. I'm not too worried about heat since my headers are ceramic coated. Water should be fine too. It's pretty far up there in relation to the subframe (especially with the engine and trans 1.5" taller than stock). The bracket will be powder coated wrinkle black to match the 6-speed swap brackets.


After I got done this and a couple other little things at my buddy's shop, I picked up the gf and had her get a vid of me rowing through the gears.

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I cleaned up both of my cars today.. Might as well throw both in here.


The engine bay is filthy right now but if you look close you can see all wiring with the exception of the ICM and spark plug wires have been re-routed.


I got a new wheel bearing in to replace a noisy one but the ZZP oil volume kit I ordered didn't make it in time for my day off.

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Engine bay still looks cleaner than some i've seen :P

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