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Goodness me, the MONEY. You've all heard me whining about money for months now. No more whining coz no more money! That's okay, I never had kids, am not married, own everything I have, make my own bee

Let's get real - we shall continue to bash the Chinese, especially since the spring compressor I'm considering will be made there. I'm still working (doing my third consecutive overtime stint) and sha

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So Fitzy, hows your baby coming along?????🙄 any new pictures:dancingpontiac:

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13 hours ago, Fitzy said:

Hey Guys, I've been doing more overtime and will be home again shortly, so nothing has changed since the lowered springs went in. It's funny: I had the back of the car pulled apart and couldn't do anything until I got the trunk lock sorted. Once that was done, I could reassemble everything. I'm still waiting on Ames to assemble and send my substantial order that I placed in May - I'm not going to complain because the US is doing it pretty tough right now (amongst plenty of other places,) so I'll be grateful to receive ANYTHING once it's ready. Amongst the items in that order are seat covers and padding, and a fuel tank sender. I can't replace the fuel tank without the sender, so unless I go to some trouble, starting the engine and performing some maintenance on it will just have to wait. Similarly, I obviously can't even move the car without a driver's seat, so 'test' driving it is also out of bounds. I can't replace my door trims until the outside mirrors and new door locks arrive, and I can't get the car to the upholsterer and exhaust place until all the other crap turns up. I have PLENTY of electrical gremlins to sort for now, but once I have determined that there's room for my Rallye wheels, I'll order them, chuck some tyres on, fit them and will take some pics.

Once all my stuff turns up, it'll be like making a cake from a packet of mix: add all the ingredients and there you are: instant classic! Yummy.

Typically guy. He sounds happy, doesn't he? It could be worse, he could be helping the wife with chores!

Hey, Fitzy, DUBS aren't everyone's cup of tea to be sure. I will concede that to some (although not many on this forum) it is another form of hot rodding. It just ain't my style!

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11 hours ago, Fitzy said:

I'm just being proactive and apologising in advance, no particular reason - I'm always upsetting someone!

Anyway, moving along, I had set myself up to purchase a set of 15 x 7 Rallye 2s,  but wanted to measure for clearance prior to committing. I had a look under the car and they'll fit at the back but there's bugger all clearance between the steering knuckle and inside edge of the tyre at the front. So, it looks like I'll hold off for a set of 14 x 6s. They seem to be a bit rare (especially Down Under) so I may have to procure a set of brand new ones from Ames. Here's the thing: fullsize B bodies use a 5" PCD. Someone told me this and I didn't believe them until I got home and actually measured it for myself with a pair of calipers. Yet another friggin' drama involving parts suitability for that 65 GP. It's already been a journey getting this far, so I guess it's just another instalment in the never ending saga of an owner INSISTENT on certain mods to make his hardtop look even cooler than Pontiac managed in the first place. So, like I said before: if anyone Stateside has a set of 14 x 6s they want to sell, drop me a line. I faffed around with one of those online 'wheel simulators' and screenshotted a Tempest (no GP image was available, surprise, surprise) with Rallye 1s & 2s. The Type 1s are really nice, but the Type 2s just look the biz. The simulator even allowed me to choose what lowered stance I wanted and what size wheels.

The search continues.


Hay fitzy, there is 5 rallye 2 for sale on trade me mate 


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Hi Kiwi, I had a look and they would have been perfect but I need 5" (that's 127mm) PCD. That's the size for B bodies and I don't even know if they were available to suit fullsize Ponchos in the first place. So, thanx for the heads up but I'll keep looking. 

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Well have to keep our eyes out. The 5x5 bolt bolt pattern Rally IIs don’t come up for sale much here either.

Pontiac used the 5x5 bolt pattern on the big RWD cars until 90. The 5x5 Rally IIs were available until at least 81, by then Pontiac started painting them the matching body color. So these should be a little more plentiful than I originally thought. What I haven’t researched is the 15x7 vs 14x6 wheel size availability in those later years.

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Yeah Wrongway - they just look like something that was 60s muscle inspired. Oh well, I'll keep looking.

I'm still not totally convinced the 15 x 7s won't fit. I need to get a regular 15" steel rim, chuck any old tyre on it and fit it and check for clearance. The wheels available to me here are a bit of a bargain-if I have to get them from the US, I might as well attach a car to them in order to make the shipping viable.

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