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Has anyone been able to find and/or fit some coilovers into a grand am without having to special order custom parts?

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Sorry, I am confused by your question. Can you elaborate a little more please?

Most performance or lowering suspension kits or parts are often special order parts for the year/make/model, as compared to OEM/OER replacement part. So I expect such a part to cost more than a stock replacement.

The '05 Grand Am has front and rear strut/spring assemblies, so I am not clear how or why you'd want to move to a coil over. I can see changing the coil to possibly lower the car. I can see replacing the shock/strut with an adjustable one (if available) to change the compression and rebound. I am not aware of anyone who makes a purpose built coilover kit for the '05 Grand Am however, which I suspect is your point.

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Im trying to move to coilovers for its adjustability in camber and ride height. Ive only been able to find lowering springs which dont give me any adjustment but im trying to get less wheel gap overall. As to special ordering is not within my budget.

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3 hours ago, V6papi said:

Im trying to move to coilovers for its adjustability in camber and ride height. Ive only been able to find lowering springs which dont give me any adjustment but im trying to get less wheel gap overall. As to special ordering is not within my budget.

Preston, there are only three ways to buy suspensions for your car 1, stock type, (strut & coil, modified strut & coil to lower the body. 2, adjustable strut/shock type with a spring that can be moved up and down on that strut/shock. 3, air suspension, no strut, no spring. The last two are expensive & each one has some drawbacks of it’s own. Lowered springs with struts have a drawback because it affects the overall suspension travel & alignments become difficult. These things I believe you are aware of! 

That said all of these can be adjusted for camber, but it seems you don’t think that’s the case, but I assure you you can! The real issue is none of them can be adjusted for caster as they come and that’s where the problem comes in when you lower a car without the ability to adjust the caster!

I’m guessing you like and want that lowered look. So your only two choices are cheap or expensive! Cheap is struts & lowering springs. This will make the car seem to handle better because it will lower the CG, but in reality it will lay the caster back, making the car less aggressive. Expensive side would be the air suspension, it’s as close as you’re going to get to the best of both worlds & with some work you can even get a setup to change the caster! 

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      What is the difference between the 2005 grand am v6 SE and GT. I know there is a power difference but what differentiates the two and can the SE motor be modded to a GT?
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      Hey I’m new here, looking for front rotors on my Catalina. It came factory with disk front and will eventually need rotors for it and can’t find any anywhere. Down the road I want to upgrade the suspension but can’t find anything there either. Ultimately I want it to be a fun boat to cruise in with some power I can take down the strip occasionally
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      Hello fellow Pontiac enthusiasts,
      I am here to seek guidance and counsel. I recently had my front suspension break on me. More specifically, the lower shock mount broke free from the front passenger lower A-arm (I think it's the A-arm). Where the lower shock mount is supposed to bolt on, I no longer have those two holes. The metal broke right there, and I do not have one of those holes for the shock to mount to. 
      So here is my conundrum. I am thinking about upgrading my suspension, but I am not sure what to do first or where to begin looking. Currently, I am pretty sure I have the original setup--suspension, drum brakes, 14" PMD 5-star rims/tires. I would like to do any upgrading on somewhat of a budget, as my wife told me "You don't HAVE any money to do this!" But we will see....
      I have read somewhere before that some people have swapped in a Corvette suspension/brake/hub setup. Is that even possible? If so, how easy is that? If not a Corvette setup, what would be a direct swap? I am looking for something that is relatively easy to do, as well as relatively easy on the bank account. (see above WIFE comment). 
      So that all are aware of what car I currently have.... I own a 1967 Pontiac Tempest Custom 4-door hardtop. It has a relatively new Pontiac 400ci V8, and a rebuilt TH350 transmission. The engine has been completely redone, as well. Bored out, all new internals, heads redone, it is NICE!!! The rest of the car, however, is mostly original. And of course, those are the parts I have to work on or fix up. Case in point, the suspension issue of which I am now typing about here on ForeverPontiac. I will soon be adding a few photos of my car. But for now, I simply ask for HELP!
      I welcome information from any and all folks willing to dole out the advice. In advance, THANK YOU.
      Your Pal,
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