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I have a 70 400 that should be coming back from the rebuilder soon. Looking at putting on an EZ-EFI system. Also need new ignition set-up. Any set-ups that have worked and/or didn't work out? No points. Digital box? I am not worried about stock appearing, want reliable and bulletproof.


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Posted (edited)

Talk with your engine builder and see what he recommends. I would use whatever ignition system that your builder or FAST recommends to support the EZ-EFI system.

I suspect it will be an MSD pointless distributor (its the most popular) but I could be wrong. I doubt that you need a digital box unless you are going to make something north of 500-600 HP, which is about the limits of original EZ-EFI system anyway, thus you'd have to go to the EZ-EFI 2.0 system too. You have not indicated this was going to be very high performance build so I am assuming stock or slightly better-than-stock HP/torque numbers on your 400 CI engine.

If an MSD distributor is not needed and a stock or stock appearing distributor is all that is needed, you can convert your stock distributor to pointless with a Petronix II or Pertronix III kit (which is what I run in my 455/462 Lemans). Otherwise, you can buy a host of new pointless distributors from MSD, Accel, Pertronix, Mallory, Edelbrock, or even Summit Racing's own brand - depending on your taste and budget. Be sure to spring for a new coil if you are getting a new distributor. Now is not the time to be chintzy if you are spending big bucks on a rebuild.

You might also want to get a new spring/weight kit to re-curve your distributor to get the most mechanical advance timing in at a lower RPM. Again, your engine builder can tell you about it. These spring/weight kits run around $7 from Summit.

Does your builder have an engine dyno? If he does, I recommend paying whatever the hourly rate is to break the engine in and run it with the FAST system. That way you know everything works and what your motor is capable of.

Also check with your builder on the spark plugs, plug wires, and plug gap he recommends for your engine. Quality products from beginning to end is the name of the game here.

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Thanx for your input. I don't have any dyne numbers yet, could make a difference. Not expecting 600, though.

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Keep us posted on your progress. We'd love to see pictures and dyno numbers (if possible) too.

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