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How to remove window tint using steam

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When I was forced to remove the window tint off my front windows, because of a ticket I searched the web and found a few methods. There was one that involved using ammonia...NOT fun. It kinda works but it's dangerous and you still have to put A LOT of work in to it, plus it really messy. Another way is simply scraping the tint off with a blade and nothing else... WAY TOO HARD!

This is what eventually tried... it's the same concept as scrapping but the heat from the steam loosens/melts the glue residue making it simple to scrape off.

Items you'll need:

steamer... I used a Shark steamer, but those small cheapy clothes steamers are said to work too.

Brand new blade (razor type)


and Water of course... :woot:

Start from the top...

Begin to steam along the top edge, go back and forth with the steamer until you're able to peel the tint away from the glass with your fingernail or blade with ease.

Grab the tint with one hand and with the steamer in the other and while pulling the tint, work the steamer back and forth until you get to the bottom of the glass...

If for what ever reason there is residue left simply steam the spot for a couple of minutes then simply scrape with the blade and it'll come right off!

If it's too late and you already peeled off the tint, no biggie... the job is a little messier but you'll STILL get the residue off....

Starting from the top, again work the steamer back and forth slowly along the top of the glass working your way down.

Begin to scrape the residue with the blade it should just "melt" right off with the blade... if the residue wont budge just steam a little bit longer... then try scraping again.

The nice thing about this method is that there is no chemicals involved just steam (water) and a little bit of elbow grease.

Afterwards simply take your towel and wipe the windows clean... after wiping you'll notice the areas you've missed... simply repeat the above steps if you missed any spots.

Hope this helps! :rofl:


I will in NO way be held responsible for any damage caused to you or your vehicle, this is simply a suggestion of a method that worked for me, if done properly it should work for you too. Just sayin! :rofl:

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nice wright up! :rofl:

and I always thought the easiest way was to use one of these. :rofl:


boy was I wrong. :woot:

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