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Hey, im new to pontiacs and see the grand am's dont have a large after market variety. I have a 2005 3.4L V6 grand am sedan and was wondering what I could do to make a little more power but wont entirely break the bank

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During a quick search there does not seem to be too much available directly for your year and engine that are from third parties I immediately trust. With that said, usually the good "starters" are cold air intake and an exhaust that meets what you want to do with the car. This will usually free up the engine a bit rather than being restrictive from the factory meeting all those pesky regulations... Just do a little homework to ensure the parts and configuration are for what you want/need for your car. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Don't know if @[ChaosweaveR] still frequents but he's a GA mastermind.

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Once you have a cold air kit and cat-back exhaust, and perhaps a good tune-up, next would be a performance tuner that plugs into your OBD II port. Pick one that records your stock tune and you can easily put it back if you have to.

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The cold air intake is a good start, but the cat back really isn’t the problem. It’s the down pipe/cat Ubend that kill the late model V6 GMs, replace that. It’s usually good for about 7 to 15 hp depending on what other mods you do. You could increase the throttle body size, change the lifter ratio to let the engine breath better. Look at the front exhaust manifold, usually the most restrictive and get a performance flashed ECM for starters.

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