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So, today, after I enjoyed the farmer's market and a nice breakfast at denny's, decided I would do a few things to the cars. The Grand Prix's front driver's brakes have been squeaking like CRAZY, so, just to see what I could do, pulled the wheel off. After fighting with lugs for about 10 minutes, they proved their 300 lb/ft of being torqued.. useless. Then realize, hey.. somethings not right.

One of the lug bolts had something round to it.. haha, come to realize the bastard was WELDED on, tell me how that works? So, until I feel like pulling the wheel off again, I only have 4 lugs on that one, probably won't be driven much considering I leave in the van for vacation for 4 days on Tuesday. Then, put on the fog lights. Probably one of my more happy occurrences today, except I realized one of the connectors were chopped off.. U-PULL, here I come!! They look good though, just gotta make a visit to the junk yard.

Then climb the rest of the way under the car to see there's about 5 too many zip-ties holding things, when that's not supposed to be zip-ties.. oh lets throw in the mix I learned I'll be needing new motor mounts!

Next up, the MOST happy occurrence..


Switched the van over to synthetic today, and Royal Purple was on sale so I went top of the line haha.. well, I've had a lot of time playing with cars the last few days, I just had to throw out my daily "achievements.." nothing special just bored, lots to talk about! Thank god the work days are over for now! :lol2:

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Sounds like an interesting day. Did you ever get to check out or change the brake pads?

I'm on my 3rd set of front pads with 98k miles on my '01.

Have fun on your vacation.

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