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I have a 2000 pontiac grand am 3.4 liter i recently changed my front breaks and i understand new pads smell a little but i drove it on the freeway and at one point i had to push break pedal all ths down to stop what did i do wrong? Also it kind of overheats temp goes 3 notches above normal temp but never fully overheats once i start moving it cools down just want to fix small issue before it gets worse any advice would be great. One more where are the other spark plugs only 3 are visible in front and how do i get to them?

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Check your brake fluid reservoir and see if its low. If so add fluid. You may need to "bleed" your brakes as well.

Check all four corners and make sure your individual wheel cylinders or brake lines are not leaking.

As for your overheating issue, it could be old/bad anti-freeze and perhaps you need to do a flush and fill with new correct antifreeze/water mixture. Your thermostat could be sticking and needs to be replaced. I'd start with those rather simple things first.  

The other three spark plug wires are up close to the firewall. Check out this YouTube video to give you idea of how to do it.


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