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Bud Sisto

Pontiac steering wheel colors

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I am hoping there might be someone out there with info on the colors offered on the full sized Pontiac steering wheels. Particularly the ones with the chrome bar inside the clear urethane. I'll upload a pic. I'm having mine recast and is gray other than the clear part. The question is, could you order the wheel color to match your paint? or did the come in stock colors only. I'd like to change it but want to stick with factory offerings to stay with the restoration guidelines.1127171324.thumb.jpg.c29050c0eccbf428d94a8097d5978860.jpg

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Unless there was an optional steering wheel (like the Trans Am Formula or the infamous wood grain steering wheels on the F and A bodies), the big car steering wheels were generally color matched to their interiors (or faux wood grain in later 70s and 80s). So if you had a red interior (even if it was a triple red), then you had a red steering wheel.

Now if the interior matched the paint, then I guess you've accomplished what you wanted. I suppose, back in the day, that some dealer would be willing to paint a steering wheel to match the color of the car to make a sale, but that was not a factory practice or option.

You might reach out to a company called Quality Restoration Inc. They specialize in restoring clear and plastic steering wheels. They might have the color information you are looking for. They are out of San Diego. 




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Bud, I'm not sure if your asking about matching the wheel to the exterior or just another interior color?

If your question is the later then I would say not likely. Not impossible but as Frosty indicated this would be a special dealer request. 

I assume your asking about your '66?  If so, is your Bonnie Turquoise or Blue as there is no Mariner Blue??

There was a wide range of interior color choices and all the Catalogs always had "Suggested" colors to accent your interior with the exterior color and the wheel was closely color matched to the interior but not always perfect due to the plastics and outside vendors limitations. So if one was wanting to change the color of the wheel I would think it would be based off one of the many interior choices in '66, So not far fetched but again not very likely.   

  FWIW there were several paint suppliers for Pontiac. All working off the same palette. Here are the PPG/Ditzler  charts to give an idea of colors.


1966 INTER-COLORS 1.jpeg

1966 INTER-COLORS 1A.jpeg

1966 INTER-COLORS 2.jpeg

1966 INTER-COLORS 2A.jpeg

1966 INTER-COLORS 3.jpeg

1966 INTER-COLORS 3A.jpeg

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