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Just got my first Trans Am...but...

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So My Dream Car is The Trans AM ever since i owned my 1978 Esprit from my grandparents. And after a long time of money grinding, we finally picked one up, 1979 though but still the number matching 6.6L Trans Am is really cool considering its massive lack of rust/rot. But here's my issue. I'm not a pontiac purist, i like to hot rod these cars, i.e the other blue Firebird. We have the options to combine these two cars and make a beautiful, badass street stomper. OR restore the Trans Am and try to make a profit. I don't think we could get much of a profit off the Trans Am considering it's 200k miles in...

What do you guys think?

"ruin" the Trans Am or Restore the Trans Am?



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Just heads up, I deleted your duplicate topic.

As you already have another Bird, the question really is money. If you want to restore it to sell it, there is a huge gamble. People will pay what the car is worth to them, that may not be what it is worth to you or what you put into it. I buy cars for my personal enjoyment and service, I do not buy them as an investment. With that said, you have to find out what you want to do and what obviously you can afford. Even though numbers matching and a perfect restoration would be awesome to own in my eyes, as that's how I like to see restorations, it is your car and you have the power to do what you want.

If you have any questions on parts, rarity of your TA, etc... please let us know and we can point you in a good direction which may sway you one way or another.

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thanks for deleting that other post

it's a basic Trans Am. Build sheet included, 6.6L olds 403 and a 3 speed automatic. T-tops, ground effects, stock white seats and black carpet and dash. even has a CV radio. Powered windows and locks too. 

is a very basic Trans Am which makes me thing there's not a whole lot of value which steers me in the direction to take the front half of my 1978 and put it on the Trans Am completely scrapping the Restoration idea

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One thing you can do to insure that your Trans Am is not anything particularly special is to reach out to PHS and get the build documentation on the car - based on the VIN. This will tell you how the car was built from the factory. You can also ask if this is a particularly rare car.

If the car is not at all rare, by all means resto-mod away - as your wallet and time can afford.

From what you describe,. I would be surprised if this was a rare or particularly desirable special edition TA. However, if its rare for some reason, you need to do your homework and evaluate what the car is worth both as is and restored. There is no point in getting upside down in a restoration if the market value isn't there. 

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the only thing that stuck out was that it was an oldsmobile 403. not a pontiac motor. but if it has 200k miles, i doubt there's much restoration value, no?

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