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Chevy SS is no more

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The Chevy successor to the Pontiac G8 is now no more. Soon neither will be rest of Holden Manufacturing. A sad day really. Another blow to a wonderful rear wheel drive platform and series of cars. I hope GM decides to build something in North America to replace it (and at a cheaper base price than the current $48k starting price). The 6th gen Camaro (zeta platform) is now built in Lansing MI so perhaps they will add new product to Lansing in the future.

Now the interesting question, what will GM submit to NASCAR as their "corporate" car for the Monster Energy series for 2018? The Chevy SS is the current car for the Monster Series and the Camaro is the Xfinity series car. 

Promote the Camaro? Perhaps.

Impala? It's been the Sprint Cup car before, so why not again?

Mailbu? Why not?

Cadillac ATS or CTS? It would be novel to see "Cadillac" running at Daytona. However I don't see this fitting the Cadillac image.

Buick Regal? Regals once ran at NASCAR when they were RWD. So it "could" happen but I doubt GM will submit it.


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5 minutes ago, Frosty said:

I hope GM decides to build something in North America to replace it (and at a cheaper base price than the current $48k starting price).

I'd love to see that happen. It rose to become a Chevy SS when Pontiac was closed so I hope it rises again at a NA plant.

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