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2017 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Voting Rd 2

2017 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Rd 2  

54 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
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  2. 2. Group 2

  3. 3. Group 3

  4. 4. Group 4

  5. 5. Group 5

  6. 6. Group 6

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  8. 8. Group 8

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  12. 12. Group 12

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Second and final round of voting is here! Now both of our groups, our Round 1 winners and our active posters will be going to head to head for appearance in our 2017 Calendar. May the best Pontiac win!

Voting will run till Monday, November 30st.

The way voting works is there will be groups of members and out of that group you will need to select one (1) individual that you like the best as the winner for that group. The individual with the most votes at the end of the round moves on to the next round out of that group. Let's get started!

Tim Crofoot





My Prix.jpg




20160731_154057 - Copy.jpg


Justa6 SunBird

Copy of Picture 579.jpg


February on Crystal Springs road.jpg

























Old Man Taylor

Jim's car.jpg

Tim Crofoot


Diana George KyDon

st. columba.jpg

maxine sheppard












Picture 019 - Copy.jpg


Big Chief



Copy of Picture 066.jpg







Picture 426notree.jpg




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Boys - I hate to point this out, but my ride and Diana George KyDon's ride are not in the order listed with the voting. I think this might cause some confusion later on.

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34 minutes ago, Frosty said:

Boys - I hate to point this out, but my ride and Diana George KyDon's ride are not in the order listed with the voting. I think this might cause some confusion later on.

Sorry about that. Moved some people around a bit at then end in the poll and forgot to move the pictures.

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Thanks Ringo

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Polls close tomorrow at midnight!

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Looks like there is a tie between JUSTA6 - GTO and FredZeppelin! The famous FP tie breaker will be up later today!

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