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  1. scott_c83

    random pic

    black one = ladies' silver one = mine white one = the beater
  2. scott_c83

    2011 Forever Pontiac Desktop Calendar NOMINATIONS

    haven't been on much, caught this thread with one day
  3. scott_c83

    random pic

    found another...crappy cell pic... will try to get a few more pics this weekend pending weather...
  4. scott_c83

    the ladies revived 02 GAGT....

    dual posts are laying in the trunk, don't worry, already thought about those... next project is going to be gutting out trunk and interior carpet for new... she still has her black rims with the chrome lip to go on also... all will probably happen this weekend... not sure yet...lol
  5. scott_c83

    the ladies revived 02 GAGT....

    turnout was really good, 150 or so cars... got pics of half of them on my facebook. too bad you couldn't make it. sorry to bug you while working, i heard shawn bugged ya too...lol whens the next meet going to be?
  6. just a few photos from a closed military base on the md/pa border.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Ritchie,_Maryland While taking a little cruise yesterday, decided to snap a few pictures: hard for me to imagine just one week ago, she looked like this: oh yea, car has 131,000 miles... paid 900 replaced front bumper cover, both headlights, both foglights(+harnesses), both fender liners, pass. fender, drivers side window regulator, and hood...(fun fun) ***oh and eww... look at her rims in that last pic... yuck...lol
  7. i can't wait either, getting a new hood, lowering springs, front lip, CAI, inside trunk deck lid cover, and maybe some tints in the near future...
  8. yep, i just have to add tint... too much chrome and you just know a brown guys drivin'....lol jkjk
  9. i'm in search of another set....
  10. thanks, i was hoping that i wasn't going to get caught by the military police... they patrol the area all the time...
  11. on the old military base by the house... on the way there, i had only a few seconds and only my cell ready to take pics of this thing in our little dot of a town... there is a blue lambo that runs the roads here also... but rarely see that.
  12. scott_c83


    <------RICE! yo
  13. scott_c83


    sad thing is bud, they're all painted and have either the full body kits... sorry, just had to chime in... and looks like they have a little more under the hood than just paint and CAI...
  14. scott_c83

    Show them Engine Bays!!

    2 of mine...nothing really fancy:
  15. scott_c83

    man, this makes me wish i still had my honda

    Why not then... lol
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