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Young gun

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  1. Young gun

    2001 gtp special edition

    Atleast you/he had wooden ramps as to not scrap the FORD out of your car
  2. Young gun

    Killiger's Redline Sky

    Remove all the chrome things!
  3. I have a college interview at MUSC and I'm looking to minimize cost. Does anyone live nearby and have a room for rent from feb 19th late night until feb 22nd morning?
  4. Young gun

    My 03 Outback H6

    You can weld can't you? Whip up a light bar!
  5. I love G8's so much I would kill for one... But seriously... that woody wagon back there looks like she is in pretty good condition.
  6. Young gun

    Looking for Locals

    Northern brother here from Upstate NY. Little far away for a coffee social thou
  7. Young gun

    2001 gtp special edition

    Sick of bottoming out?
  8. Young gun


    Welcome! I dig the livery
  9. Young gun

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    oh social media
  10. Young gun

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    Doesn't make sense to me on 2 levels. I don't believe that is the issue and yes you can clean it yourself.
  11. OOOOOOOO one of my favorite pictures of my car involves snow!!
  12. Damn. Huge fan of the RX7's and becoming more interested in the RX8's
  13. Young gun

    The Badass Automotive Imagery Thread (NSFW possible)

    concept car or something? I have never saw this before.
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