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    Car shows, traveling, boating, camping, gardening, cooking, crafts, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Nominations, February 2015

    Well here is my "limited time" submission of my baby. 1978 WS6/W72 400 Completed restoration.
  2. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Banter

    ^^ Hey that looks almost like mine! I always wanted to know what it would look like with the side bumper strip. ;-)
  3. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Nominations, February 2015

    I am going to nominate our son's 1984 Firebird S/E. We bought this for him about 4yrs ago and since then he has done on his own tons of work on it, especially the interior. We also had it re-painted for him, and the car looks fantastic. This is also his daily driver! I do believe he is a member here too. I know many do not like the 3rd generations of Firebirds, but as far as we look at it, any bird is worth saving.
  4. Pontiac Girl

    2015 FP Calendar Winners

    Didn't make it this year, but CONGRATS to all the winners!
  5. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Vote, November 2014

    Very hard choice. Awesome looking cars!
  6. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Nominations, November 2014

    I nominate our son's Firebird 1984 Firebird S/E.
  7. Pontiac Girl

    2015 FP Calendar Entries

    Since my car has made last years calendar, I thought it would be nice to add our son's car this year. (It's actually my car, but he drives and takes care of it) ;-)
  8. Pontiac Girl

    2014 FP Calendar (entries)

    I actually have 3 Pontiacs, so here they are! Naaa, I don't think I like that last shot.
  9. Ok, this picture is not my car. I would have taken a picture of mine, but it is at a car show right now with hubby. LOL As you can see by this picture, it is very different. This is what I have. Not many around. And here is the Formy's or Trans Am's spoiler. See the difference?
  10. Oh yes, it is very different then what you see on the Formy's. I'll see if I can post a better picture of it. =)
  11. Well, we bought this car about 2 months ago, and it is a 2000 Fire Hawk, SLP #696. Rare rear bubble spoiler and rare interior color. Tan and black. This car is so awesome! I love it!
  12. Pontiac Girl

    Pontiac Fire Hawk

  13. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Vote, June 2013

    My vote is in!
  14. Pontiac Girl

    A new bird has entered the nest!

    Just picked up a 2000 #696 Firehawk 3 weeks ago.
  15. Pontiac Girl

    POTM Vote, May 2013

    Oh my!! I have to show you the updated version of the '84!! It has been repainted since that picture! The car came out GREAT too!!! The silver trim on the bottom is supposed to be there. Apparently whoever painted it before just painted right over it! Thanks for the nominee!!
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