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  1. 3.8 (229) v6 turbo 350 trans w/ after market shift pack
  2. So my names tony, i just made an account on this site and i gotta say its pretty cool ive always loved pontiacs and have always grown up around them, my first car was a 1985 grand prix, but i just could never get her running just right, then a few months ago i traded it to some one for a 1983 pariseene, which i must admitt before i got the car i have never even heard of it and have never seen another one like it on the subject of the pariseene, does anyone know just how rare they are in this area? the one i have looks alot like a box chevy type car, i know the pariseene was made mainly for canada as mine has a sticker that sais canadian transportation but just wondering if any one has any info of just how many of them there are, i live in dealware, there are many, olds cutlasses, chevy Caprice, ect..but never another pariseene ive been thinking of getting a newer car, but im stuck on if i wanna trade in the pontiac or my 1996 f150 which is like my baby..wondering if anyone knows what kinda value or how rare pariseenes are?
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