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  1. 2.3 quad four dont know how i mixed up motors prolly from the last grand am i had which sadly i junked when i shouldn't have i found a site where i can get chips which i will prolly do this summer thanks for the awesome input
  2. yeah i just looked and duh i dont know how i mixed up which motor i had your right i have the quad 4
  3. i know it wont be cheap but in the end it will be all worth it cuz where im at ive seen one very lightly modded grand am so i know there arent many around me all i ever see is talons and eclipses and civic and quite frankly its is getting old i dont want to be like all them
  4. how do i put pics up i don't know how still trying to get used to the site
  5. Shes bone stock want to start modding it soon though right i dont know i think im just a big fan of the performance they have and there looks they dont look like every other car on the road and when they are modded they look amazing that right im in amherst this small rinky dink town with nothing to do. i sit at home most everyday do to the fact that im unemployed and looking for a good job
  6. the junk yards around me are not the greatest here not much to choose from what about a engine swap could i do a 3800 series 3 swap and changing the trans and computer and wiring or is that more work i've thought about that but not sure if that is going to cost me a arm and a leg or what like yall are saying look in the junk yards but when buying from there there is no guarentee wether or not the stuff is good any good sites yall would recomend for performance parts See when it comes to newer cars im new to it i want to do bolt ons but not to sure of where and what brands to go with
  7. Can anyone help me out with some good ideas on what i can do to add horsepower to my 2.4 twin cam i want to put a supercharger in but don't know where to find one
  8. Hi my name is Ron im from central wisconsin. I've been a big fan of pontiacs from the day i got my first car. Ever since i got my first grand am gt back when i was 16 i was stuck on them. Since i got my liscense i've owned 5 Grand ams all my current car is a 1995 grand am gt 2 door coupe with the 2.4 twin cam
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