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  1. Here's a video of it running. No tires on it atm but yeah. Gonna get some work done soon, most likely body work to the front of the hood so I don't cut my fingers as the release lever is next to sharp metal InShot_20211007_155329017.mp4
  2. It runs, and should drive. I need to get some tires on it as the ones it has are crap, and none are matching, and one's blown and shredded. I have tires for it but no money to get it mounted and balanced
  3. my issue is I need to fix this thing as it's my only hope for transportation to get a job, there's not much where I live for work. I want to go into detailing or a tire shop. Probably gonna get a cheap harbor freight test light when I can I still need to get 2 speakers for the kick panels as that's where I want to put them
  4. I appreciate the help tho. Not very good at wording things in google and my ability to search isn't great when I've been fried. Was working on my friend's second gen ram and helped him put a new trans mount bushing. Not fun. And I mostly need the key signal as I won't be using the stock wires for the speakers. For shits I'm trying some speakers I had. Old NEC speakers, just placeholders plus I have the wiring ran and have basically no budget to get anything as I don't have income and nobody has donated to the gofundme I have going for this car.
  5. aight. I haven't started wiring. but yeah., it had one deck speaker in the dash and rear It has a center speaker up front in the dash, and a rear one to the passenger side of the rear deck
  6. I don't think my stock radio works, tried hooking speakers to the stock radio and go nothing, no signs of life. these are what I have. are those three plugs. my other question is for a more modern replacement, would I put the backlight wire also to the power wire? one of my older friends on facebook said yellow was power
  7. yet the blue wire runs to the rear and plugs into the deck speaker and has a gray wire to that plug as well. I'll get pics shortly
  8. I don't see anything for the radio on that diagram.
  9. I am putting an aftermarket radio and speakers in, and am wondering what color wire is the power signal for from the original. Is it turned on with the key? am at the starting stages of wiring in my pioneer unit and am interested to know what is what.
  10. I don't have any money to get a manual or diagram. what is the ignition power signal to the radio? like what color wire.
  11. my turn signals don't work, but my hazards do, they flash and the flasher goes off. but my blinkers don't do anything, but I did find another flasher relay behind the dash
  12. I would but I'm not able to find one. At least a free one. as I'm not paying almost $20 for a pdf
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